Social Media Marketing Services in Jordan

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Social Media: Campaigns & Content

This is a SMM concept how we work with our clients:

Reach more of your prospects, Advertise your products and services, Strengthen your brand image, Enhance your Web presence and back channels, Advertise to a targeted audience via Social Media platforms
with our agency social media marketing specialists in Amman.



We are taking a phase of discovery to understand who your customers are, how they are connected with your brand and how your actual social media strategy is working.

From this point we highlight main recommendations and begin to organize your social media strategy based on a number set KPIs such as increased sales through social channels, measure visitors’ engagement and all campaigns' outcomes. We also make a research what your competitors are doing, so it helps us to understand how their customers are communicating, and how we can be sure that your brand is even more engaging, attractive and recognizable.



There are many social media platforms out there, but we can't ensure you that they are all suitable for your business. We use our knowledge and understanding of your audience to advise you which platforms to focus at.

We build your content plan in connection with your SEO strategy to ensure that we create shareable, interesting content that triggers the emotions of your followers. We plan social media campaigns, engaging content and promo ads that are integrated in to your whole digital marketing strategy, growing your audience and increasing your revenues.


Design & Deliver

After strategic stage we shaped your social media strategy in place we get to work designing your social backgrounds to harmonize your brand identity and promote your story.

As a part of our social media plan, we design additional content such as fan-gates or custom tabs to personalize your social media profile.

We set up all your activities to run at specific timing, and to reach target specific audiences so we can maximize the conversion rates.


Listening & Reporting

Among all forms of marketing activities, reporting is the most valuable yet the most challenging element. After all SMM activities are set, we should follow how our local social community is dealing with our content, so that we can evolve the strategy.

We focus at social listening and report on a number of different KPIs in line with your overall goals, these include mentions, likes, conversions and sign ups /registrations from certain channels.

We review the results and refine our strategy for an ongoing improvement of your social engagement.

Look At Katra Marketing
SMM Services for Your Presence Online

Katra Marketing understands how it's necessary to use various communication channels as a marketing funnel for the engagement with many potential customers. Our SMM services include main social media networks as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. You can also modify your SMM offer with other profiles, suitable for your needs.

  • Organize your Campaigns

    We offer various social media advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram platforms - from idea to implementation and reporting.

  • Social Media Training Sessions

    We can teach your employees how to work with Facebook Ads Manager in a better way, revise the campaigns you've made already and give advice. Choose Social Media Marketing course in Jordan/UAE, suitable for your business industry.

  • Set Social Media KPIs

    Setting the right social media KPIs, not only your follower, or "like" numbers is important for every company. 4 main areas you should be focused on, are: Engagement, Reach, Leads and Conversions. And we will help you to define which data is important for your business.

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FAQ about Social Media Marketing Services in Jordan

For SMM Services you will usually work with an Internet-Marketer, signing the contract and collecting requirements with our Sales Manager. If your social media marketing requirements are rather complex, and you need various services, our Project Manager will prepare an individual offer for you. If you come to conclusion to manage longer Social Media Marketing Program to enhance your reach and rise your social media traffic, this is an easy commitment on every month renewable agreement with no long term conditions or choking contracts.
Our company's SMM offer is based on the effectiveness and depth of actions needed, and also the time to be spent by our specialists, and it is usually over after a 4-week timing (1 month). The prices start from 400JD/month for Jordan, it usually depends on your marketing budget for social media campaigns, and the complexity of the project.
If you decide to work with us, you will get a simple part-time agreement mentioning all the targeted work. It will depend on our project timetable, as a rule we can usually start within 10 days since the agreement signing and 100% monthly payment.

Feel free to send us a message with any enquiries or SMM questions and our team will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Katra Marketing Guarantees
Proven Results for Your Company


More Qualified Facebook Fans


Increased Site Traffic through social media campaigns


Sales Increase through combined SMM & SEO

Graphic Design Services

We can get you covered with any kind of visual content. Graphic design is an essential element for advertising companies. Katra Marketing offers various types of visual design for businesses in Amman, such as:

  • Corporate booklets and brochures;
  • Flyers & folders;
  • Business cards;
  • Logotype design;
  • Brand book and style guides;
  • Employee handbook;
  • Infographics;
  • Presentation design;
  • Banners and rollups design.

Contact us to fill a brief and receive a quote for graphic design services in Jordan.