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01. SEO Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of procedures to improve the visibility of a website about the certain topic, as it really suits your business objectives in terms of search engine algorithms.

The ultimate goal of SEO is to attract target audience to your company website and convert part of it into customers interested in products and services you offer online. We may say that search engine promotion - one of the most cost-effective Digital Marketing tools.

02. SMM Campaigns

Way of doing business is changing and requires for a different set of rules to traditional marketing. Taking care of business for the long term, our ongoing social media marketing campaigns help our clients to have benefits from their online presence.

We offer Facebook campaigns, content management and planning for companies in Jordan and Middle East, who are responding to changes in their business and looking for new marketing opportunities.

03. Marketing Courses

Marketing courses for companies in Jordan and the UAE, customized for the needs of your industry and your business.

These marketing training sessions can be adapted to the level of your employees, their marketing knowledge and the topic depth needed. Theoretical background is helpful, yet our main aim is to empower your team with practical skills about SEO, marketing strategy and content management.

04. Strategic Planning

Your digital marketing strategy forms the base of all your marketing striving – arrange everything right, and you will be provided with list of steps that will lead you directly to your business goals.

Katra Marketing can help you get your marketing strategy up and running, and keep building it so you can do what matters most and grow your business in Jordan without any obstacle.

A marketing plan is the first step to a highly effective marketing strategy. It allows you to see where your business is at where you want it to be and how you are going to get there. In Katra Marketing we can write strategic marketing plans aimed for local or international audience, researched and targeted for your needs.

05. Branding

From a simple "refresh" to a complete brand reconstruction, Katra Marketing assists you to find and establish your company's true brand identity.

Build an online presence that is consistent with the goals and mission of your company. It's more than just a graphic designer's work to draw a new logo and place it on your business card.

Brand is not equal to a logotype.

Our agency in Amman can help you build lasting brand recognition and customer loyalty. It's a great opportunity to get a fresh look at your company, your objectives and buyer personas, and position your business away from your competitors with our marketing expert's help.

06. Business Web Design

Katra Marketing makes great, affordable website design for your business.

According to the latest stats, over 60% of people will close the page if the website they found is not mobile-friendly. Your website, made with the latest technologies, will be responsive, so the usability will be great on any device. Nowadays, it's a must.

We include Search Engine Optimization to the websites we create, by default. Because without it your website is useless, and we are interested in the future of your business. Start doing it right from the beginning, to avoid unnecessary payments and get a ready website.

07. Logotype Design

At Katra Marketing, we offer a professional logo design for companies in Amman.

The development of a logo is the basis and core of the visual identity of your brand. Logotype design is shaping the company positioning and its further development in general.

The price of a logo design in our marketing agency in Amman depends on the amount of work, the number of design concepts, the need to develop a corporate identity and the logo's guidelines.

08. Graphic Design

We create visually attractive designs for companies in Amman, offering graphic design services.

The most popular visual design categories are as follows: company logotypes and business cards, company presentations, product packaging design, various print and advertising designs, motion videos, web graphics and illustrations, engaging infographic.

With high-quality graphic design, a company will look professional and trustworthy, we believe that a good design is essential to any business success.

Restaurant Marketing

Katra Marketing offers marketing services for restaurants, bars and coffee shops in Amman, such as marketing strategy writing and implementation, social media marketing, graphic design and food photo shoots. We create visual design of the highest quality printing, which can only be required by a restaurant.

Marketing for IT

Relying on direct sales and a high cost of attracting leads are the main obstacles that keep IT companies from using marketing services. We offer to your IT company in Amman to create a company profile design, assist you with SMM and reach more of your prospects, have an IT sales training, related to the quality of B2B sales or CRM usage.

Medical Marketing

Katra Marketing specializes in medical marketing and digital marketing, and knows how to improve Google ranking of medical sites in the Middle East area and promote you as a local health care provider. We help clinics, hospitals, dental and cosmetology centers in Amman to get more patients and become successful.

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