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Social media users in the mass are absent-minded, impulsive and irrational. They publish about themselves directly and indirectly the most intimate information. From time to time they experience attacks of paranoia and remove some personal information, - yet too late.

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May 21, 2021

SEO Trends 2021

Modern trends in SEO include general principles that are actually relatively easy to understand, along as tying it up with your content strategy, and it is worth it. Check for the main trends for SEO in 2021.

branding jordan

Unfortunately, most companies don't have a brand story, they don't know how to find it, or how they should share it. Do you have one? There are many ways to an exciting storytelling of your brand.

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If we are talking about Jordan and the Middle East in general, smart and savvy business owners started to realise how valuable it is to write (and enhance) a suitable marketing strategy. A plenty of people have been dreaming to grow their business by the..

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Most of the companies I've been working with, don't have a clear idea what the purpose of their website is. Usually it is comprehended as an additional element of any organization, if there are business cards and an office, there's a budget for a website. But what do you want to do with it?

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It's almost December – is your marketing plan alright? Almost 1/5 of the business annual sales comes from the last two months - November and December. You have to make the most out of this Christmas holiday madness, and maximize your business.

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A lot of companies in Jordan think their clients are not in the internet, therefore they don't need to invest their money in SEO. Sometimes it causes a surprising question: "We have a website, and it works, why should we spend more?"

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Interactive emails and engaging content is the latest marketing trend at the moment, and if you are not using it now, you should plan it in 2018. I’d say it’s a great era for email marketing, and an amazing opportunity for marketers to ...

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Before creating a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) project, you have to know which keywords you should use for your website and the numbers of keywords needed for your organic SEO project. All of this depends on your company goals and what types of..

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There are many digital marketing advice and strategies for the web which are easy to follow now. But what about the future of your content? Companies must sense at which stage they are, and where they could reach with their own content marketing.

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When you are a small business owner, you should have many skills to start and grow your company successfully. Being aware of the best basics and strategies of inbound marketing is a very hot knowledge, and you should get it for the new 2017.

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December 14, 2016

Why SMS Campaigns Suck

Marketers are involved into different levels of company presentation: they do branding, promoting you on TV, participating in customer service and employees' interaction with clients. There's no bigger disappointment, when you are waiting a really important reply, ...

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One of the hottest discussions within marketing circles is about Search Engine Optimization and its future. Is SEO dead? What is SEO these days? I would like to bring my thoughts to an open discussion among professionals. To clarify everything, we really have to simplify...