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seo keywords jordan

Before creating a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) project, you have to know which keywords you should use for your website and the numbers of keywords needed for your organic SEO project. All of this depends on your company goals and what types of..

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There are many digital marketing advice and strategies for the web which are easy to follow now. But what about the future of your content? Companies must sense at which stage they are, and where they could reach with their own content marketing.

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When you are a small business owner, you should have many skills to start and grow your company successfully. Being aware of the best basics and strategies of inbound marketing is a very hot knowledge, and you should get it for the new 2017.

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December 14, 2016

Why SMS Campaigns Suck

Marketers are involved into different levels of company presentation: they do branding, promoting you on TV, participating in customer service and employees' interaction with clientsThere's no bigger disappointment, when you are waiting a really important reply, keeping your mobile close, swiping the screen on and off, again and again. Finally you hear the desired sound, your heart jumps, you open SMS - and here it is.

modern SEO amman

One of the hottest discussions within marketing circles is about Search Engine Optimization and its future. Is SEO dead? What is SEO these days? I would like to bring my thoughts to an open discussion among professionals. To clarify everything, we really have to simplify...

SMM specialist skills jordan

A common demand for a SMM specialist work continues to grow. However, there's no clear understanding at the market: who SMM specialist is, what he is doing, and how his professional level can be measured.

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As a business owner you might think all those tweets, likes and pins are not related to your company revenue issue, but that's not true. Nowadays Social Media Marketing became the baseline for a business promotion.

website seo Jordan

A lot of companies in Jordan think their clients are not in the internet, therefore they don't need to invest their money in Search Engine Optimization. Sometimes it causes a surprising question: "We have a website, and it works, why should we spend more?"

website price amman

Today we are going to talk about the traditional pricing model for website development. The price of a company website consists of several elements: The price of specialists' work + The price of ready IT solutions...

landing page structure amman

Do You Know What Landing Page Is? In the scope of internet marketing and advertising, a landing page may be defined as any page on the web that includes a form, and that form is put there only to get a visitor’s information.

entrepreneur mistakes

Being an entrepreneur is a stressful job especially in this dynamic trending world, but at the same time, it can be of a rewarding path. You need some broad skills for your big ambitions and goals. In this article we will talk how most entrepreneurs can make some few mistakes while thinking that they doing fine.

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Are you a business owner who is struggling to promote your business due to a tight budget? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here are 7 tips that can help your business to get the necessary attention of your clients and prospects.

Twitter is considered as a fast and interactive social media network where you can stay updated about the news in your industry worldwide. Individuals and organizations can share their useful information and share the knowledge, along with promoting themselves.

facebook advertising Jordan

Looking for alternative solutions for your company’s advertising opportunities? Would you like to reach more prospects and get more sales? We can explain how your company in Jordan should take an advantage of Social Media Advertising possibilities.

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Since the companies these days are looking through the internet marketing techniques in order to increase their sales and reputation, the fastest influential way is to use PPC advertising which will trigger a solid ROI.

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Would you like to get the proven data about customer behaviour that you can use for your business? Katra Marketing prepared them for you. 1. There's a statement that not to reply to comments in social media, or make a dialogue with your fans..

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Do you aim to track your social media marketing activities right? Download Katra Marketing free template to track your monthly efforts in social media and get a more purposeful and effective SMM experience for your local business.

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Checking mentions about a company brand is a must for every business owner who cares about the professional reputation and strives for success. Mouth-to-mouth replies and mentions are spread in the digital world immediately.

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If 5 years ago a company might just have a website, nowadays it's about managing your business presence everywhere. If you really care about turning curious users to your customers, you should use blogging and social networks

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By launching a free SEO checkup of any website in Jordan and abroad, we have started to get additional questions about this special offer. Read about Katra Marketing, our main services and free SEO report frequently asked questions.

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Isn’t it time to develop the value of your marketing content? Are you keep thinking how to engage customers with your content? In this post you will get a valuable practice, how to grow and develop your social media marketing.

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Before launching or redesigning your company website, you should align it with your business objectives. For example, you own a beauty salon and offer related services at your website.

swot marketing jordan

If you want to stay updated and profitable, SWOT analysis is a compulsory business procedure that you should do regularly. Your goal setting will be more productive if you know exactly your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. But how to do it for SMM?

online advertising jordan

Internet marketing uses a broad variety of technologies to engage company presence in the internet with its customers. The main targets of online advertising are similar with offline marketing aims, and it's all about new customers attraction, current customers retaining and brand identity development & improvement.

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Social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook suggest more options than only providing a way to meet people. These web resources have various benefits, from enhancing communication skills to deeper understanding of IT solutions, ...

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Do you think that increasing website traffic and choosing the related keywords is enough? Well, that's a good start, when your website first started showing progress, but it's not the time to relax. Today we'll try to describe what Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is, and how it's connected with your SEO efforts.

Key Performance Indicators Jordan

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential because they come directly from the company's goals. As a rule, KPIs are unique for every company, specific and do not depend on industry averages or KPIs of your competitors.

mobile SEO jordan

Last year it was registered that mobile internet usage ​exceeded​ the desktop usage in the USA, and it'll continue to grow. In the Middle East mobile user amount is also increasing fast, so we definitely can't ignore mobile users.

SEO competitors jordan

Let's assume you've already made a list of keywords you want to be on top of the search engine ranking. Not a lot of people are thinking of it, but you should make a SEO competitive analysis.

branding jordan

Unfortunately, most companies don't have a brand story, they don't know how to find it, or how they should share it. Do you have one? There are many ways to an exciting storytelling of your brand.

branding jordan

Unfortunately, most companies don't have a brand story, they don't know how to find it, or how they should share it. Do you have one? There are many ways to an exciting storytelling of your brand.

ppc jordan

Pay-Per-Click is a form of paid advertising for your website where payment depends on amount of searches clicked on your ad link (CTR, click-through-rate). PPC lets advertisers to make their own text ads and place them at the top search engine query.

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Are you trying to improve search engine ranking as part of your internet-marketing strategy? Are you wondering how to use keywords in your website? In this post we are going to describe how to use keywords correctly.

LinkedIn company amman

LinkedIn is a great social network for business specialists, and is a great social marketing resource to show your company to your target audience. Creating your company profile is not complicated. After having your personal profile, do the following:

facebook advertising jordan

Whenever you start a Facebook Ads campaign on your own, it's essential to see the broadness of possibilities and get to know some rules. Creating your FB Advertising campaign can be much simpler when you refer to the useful links in the list.

Pinterest Group search

Pinterest is a great way to find out things that attracts different people from different countries. This social network's purpose is to help you share what you like with other people, alike with you. The right way to use Pinterest is to follow...

seo keywords jordan

A keyword or a key phrase is what we type while searching for products or services. Many companies optimize their website for search by using keywords at their pages. But how we can make a good or right keyword to target for SEO?

marketing christmas jordan

December has just started – is your marketing plan allright? Almost 1/5 of the business annual sales comes from the last two months - November and December. You have to make the most out of this Christmas holiday madness, and maximize your business..

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Are you ready to prepare the online marketing strategy for your business? Or do you want to update your recent online marketing plan? Before you should make your mind about it and ask yourself some essential questions. In this post we offer you ..

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If we are talking about Middle East, smart and savvy business owners started to realise how valuable it is to write (and enhance) a suitable marketing strategy. A plenty of people have been dreaming to grow their business by the..

marketing plan writing amman

In most cases, even the company has a clear business strategy, marketing area is often neglected. The simple logic is to make a website, and have as many social media profiles as possible, placing posts about company's products and services, and...