Marketing for IT Companies


Relying on direct sales and a high cost of attracting leads are the main obstacles that keep IT companies and startups from using marketing services to promote their business. Katra Marketing agency in Amman offers to your IT company to create a company profile design, assist you with SMM and reach more of your prospects, have an IT-oriented sales training, related to the quality of B2B sales or CRM usage.

Company Profile Design

If you've never written a company profile before, this can be a little intimidating. At the end of the day, the goal is not only to include key details, but to clearly and confidently highlight your company's strengths. You can think of this as your company's CV. Even when your prospect just looks through your company brochure, scrolling your pages down, he needs to get a sense of success, stability and prosperity of your business.

Katra Marketing offers to IT companies in Amman a full cycle of IT company brochure design and content writing.

A good company profile should have an interesting design with elements of corporate identity, a complex and unusual layout, clearly written and structured texts, thematic high-quality photographs and simple infographic design, to facilitate the perception of information.

Company Profile Design Price in Amman

The exact cost of the design and printing of your company profile in Amman will be calculated after discussing the terms of reference, agreeing on the scope of work and the deadlines. We love challenging tasks and know how to cope with them.

SMM for IT Companies

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Social Media Marketing for IT sector has its own complexities, especially for B2B companies. Most of the time IT businesses are not willing to invest into SMM, as the management thinks they are getting sales from the direct meetings and tender participation.

Yet as your IT company grows, it’s important to invest in SMM, to help you grow your brand awareness; increase your traffic and; promote your IT services.

Also there is another obstacle, such as lack of news: IT-relates sales take a long time, and when it happens, the projects are usually long and the final case study is not often summarized to be shown neither on your website, not in social media, even if it’s a successful project and you are proud of it. And what should we write even?

Katra Marketing agency can help you to create your editorial calendar, write the relevant captions and hashtags, prepare visual content, schedule the posting and set SMM campaigns if needed. We can assist you with a full SMM package for IT companies in Amman.
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IT Sales Training in Amman

Sales in IT sector usually have challenges, such as: lack of contacts or irregular follow-up with the contacts; a long decision-making scheme that involves a group of people; absence of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the company.
For IT companies in Amman we offer the following courses for your IT sales department:

01. B2B Sales Course

This sales course in Amman contains the practical knowledge necessary for every salesperson in IT sector: what is a sales funnel, scripts, what is the standard algorithm for a manager's work, techniques for passing and examples of scripts for all major stages of sales.

02. The Art of Sales (SPIN)

An intensive SPIN training available for Amman for sales manages, business owners and general managers, telemarketers, business development managers. It's a technique that brings an amazing, realistic sales methodology to create profitable agreements with clients in IT segment.

03. CRM for IT Sales Department

With a CRM training for IT Sales, we will integrate CRM into daily duties of your sales representatives, customizing the modules and assigning the roles, providing you with a clear report what sales actions were made during the day/month/quarter.