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The usage of PPC ads for the main search engines lets you to improve your traffic and rankings drastically. The Business Analyst will define which search engines will bring your business the best value, according to targeted market, and after that make new landing pages, research key phrases, and place advertisements. If you have an attractive, briefly formulated ads, people will get interested to go through and decide about their need in your products or services.

ppc.jpgPay Per Click Offer

You should choose out of two main options, or both of them, it depends on your entire online marketing budget and your business needs.

Search Advertising

Search Advertising is the powerful promotion of writing and combining ads that are shown above and to the right from the organic results when the internet user makes a phrase request search engines. This promo links work great because properly tunes ads will be relevant to the search query and certain terms referring to your industry field. And it allows you to analyse and count your ROI in a very effective way . As a rule, we work with Google AdWords to manage your campaign. The best advantage is that paid search is extremely effective for any type of business - but only when it's tuned right.

Display Network Advertising

Visually attractive ads will be shown on the certain websites throughout the internet in search results that are related to the product or services you need to promote. So, the advertisements that we create  will appear  in users' search results who mentioned a keyword phrase relevant to your business. There are two ways of display network advertising: it can be pay-per-click or a payment per 1000 impressions; it's up to you to choose how to distribute your display budget. Both options are 100% measurable and we will deliver you a full report. As a rule, our company uses Google Display Network, to cover Facebook and LinkedIn displays.

package.jpgElements of PPC Service:

1 Keyword & Placement Search

To know for sure that your ads attract the targeted audience, internet marketing specialist will do a research, and collect certain keywords people type in while willing to find similar products/services as your company offers. As an option for Display Network Advertising, we also look through the popular websites your perfect audience likes and putting display ads on them.

2 Account Settings

One of the most essential steps in PPC advertising is to create a company account, and tuning it so that we can drive a successful campaign for your business in Jordan. Don't waste your time and budget to something else: Katra Marketing will manage an enhanced volume of Relevant and goal driven users for your company website and improve the number of conversions your account could generate.

3 Ad Creation

Ads are usually the entry point of interaction between the user and company. No matter which form they have, their main aim is still to describe the services you have while triggering the user to click the link to your web site. It's important that ads match your landing page content.

4 Landing Page Optimization

Powerful accounts depend on informative and matching landing pages. A perfect landing page should give relevant information about the product/services to be offered, - and, as more necessary factor, it has to drive the conversion – to be a lead submission, a trigger for a sale of the product you advertise.

5 Tracking

To understand the success of a Pay Per Click account and PPC campaigns, a bunch of goals need to be set. Katra Marketing team will tune the tracking settings for your website, or for the separate landing page, to follow reports and customize the performance of your account. The best advantage of PPC is that you can accurately measure your ROI.

6 Testing

Even the most perfectly working accounts can be refined and improved more, and that’s where you will need a testing phase. Your PPC account should always have additional ads, keyphrases, arrangements and newly created landing pages, so it will allow your PPC campaigns evolve by the time.


price-marketing.jpgHow about PPC Pricing?

Katra Marketing offers easy-to-purchase PPC packages for companies with various goals and budgets.

Paid Campain Setup Yes Yes Yes
No of keywords 20 35 up to 70
Bid Optimisation Basic Frequent Intense
Campaigns & Ad Group Structure Yes Yes Yes
Ad-copy Creation Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Research Yes Yes Yes
Conversion Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Landing Page Optimization No No Yes
Exclusions Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Phone & Email Support Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Reporting Yes Yes Yes


We can assist you with your Pay-per-click campaign and get rid of the difficulties associated with wrong PPC management or scanty choice of keyphrases. Katra Marketing team will constantly refine your pay-per-click marketing campaign, reporting to you bi-weekly. If you’re ready for a new way to PPC marketing, contact Katra Marketing to get a suitable PPC plan.


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