Restaurant Marketing in Amman

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Do you want to attract more customers and grow your restaurant business in Jordan?

Running a restaurant is definitely not an easy task. But one of the biggest challenges is increasing your income and making your restaurant stand out from the competition.

That's why restaurant marketing is so important.

Katra Marketing offers marketing services for restaurants, bars and coffee shops in Amman, such as marketing strategy writing and implementation, social media marketing, graphic design and food photo shoots.

We have packaged monthly services for preparing an editorial calendar for your restaurant, writing all the captions, preparing the hashtags, scheduling and monitoring all comments, as well as Instagram and Facebook campaigns to manage, with a certified Facebook Blueprint specialist.

Every PR manager of a restaurant must know its audience before investing in advertising. If you do not have answers to the following questions:

  • "Why do people choose my restaurant?"
  • "Which dishes are the most profitable?"
  • "How effective is our advertising budget now?"

Then it is better not to waste your marketing budget. With our marketing audit and plan of actions, you can make sure that your business meets the needs of the market and you know the best approaches for advertising to your audience.

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Graphic Design

We know better than anyone else about the impact of design on a restaurant visitor. Colors, fonts, sizes – the primary goal of a graphic design for a restaurant is to make your visitors want to try that delicious food and drinks you make!

In our agency in Amman we offer you the visual design of the highest quality printing, which can only be required by a restaurant:

  • Menus and bar lists (printable, online),
  • Seasonal and holiday menus,
  • Delivery menus,
  • Special offers and flyers,
  • Table tent cards and placemats,
  • Labels and product packaging design,
  • Restaurant posters,
  • Outdoor advertising layouts (billboards and banners),
  • Logos and corporate styles,
  • Brand books, stuff guidelines,
  • Restaurant websites.

SMM for Restaurants

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Instagram, Facebook, ReserveOut, Tripadvisor have long been the main tools to attract guests to a restaurant. Social networks are still the best communication channels, not only for connecting with loyal restaurant visitors, but also with a potential target audience. What can you expect when you turn your attention to promoting a restaurant on social networks?

  • SMM strategy and implementation;
  • Attracting the target audience of social networks Instagram and Facebook;
  • Impact on the target audience: conversion of frequent social media users into guests of your restaurant;
  • Creating and running advertising campaigns in social media (promo posts, targeted advertising);
  • Restaurant brand awareness and recognition;
  • Editorial calendars and regular posting setup.

Our Advantages

Among the most important advantages of Katra Marketing in the marketing of restaurants and bars in Amman is our specialization in small and medium-sized businesses, a clear pricing policy, the ability to work with limited budgets, as well as complete confidentiality (there are no circumstances when we share your data with a 3rd party).

How We Work

Before any scope of work, Katra Marketing specialists analyze your business’ situation and provide recommendations for further actions. The first meeting and a recommendation for your restaurant is totally free, it does not oblige you to anything, and we can make it as a direct meeting in Amman, or an online discussion.

Restaurant Marketing Prices

After agreeing on the details, we sign a simple agreement with a detailed scope of work, deadlines and pricing.
Prices for restaurant marketing services in Amman depend on the work and duration. Write to us, so we can set a meeting and see how we can help you with online advertising of your business.

Restaurant Advertising Support

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Many managers prefer to hire a restaurant PR manager who is responsible for the restaurant's advertising activities. At the same time, the qualifications of this PR manager often leaves much to be desired – wrong tools or absence of skills or not knowing the newest marketing techniques, inability or absence of time to handle social media.

By choosing Katra Marketing, you will get a professional approach to restaurant advertising in Amman:

  • Marketing audit, which allows you to identify the starting points for the formation of an advertising campaign;
  • Marketing strategy and plan of actions
  • Long-term advertising campaign (from 4 months);
  • Optimized advertising budget;
  • Recommendations for increasing the average check at the expense of sales promotion campaigns;
  • Professional step-by-step implementation of a Plan of Actions that was made for your local restaurant.

If you do not have a PR manager or you cannot evaluate its effectiveness - we are the ones you were looking for!