Marketing Plans Creation

Strategic marketing plan writing, marketing strategy development in Amman

Read About Katra Marketing Plans & Strategies Creation Services

If you are determined for reaching more customers and enhancing your business, Katra Marketing will assist you to reach this and create a great base for your company in Amman with a strategic marketing plan.

Marketing Plan Services

Marketing plans writing, based on your current business plans; marketing plans revision and editing; marketing plans consultation.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Effective marketing strategies for your business presence online. Integration with your existing marketing plan.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media strategy writing, from SM audit, goals and objectives aligned with your actual marketing goals, to social media marketing campaigns.

What's a Marketing Plan?

A marketing plan is the main step to a highly valuable marketing strategy. To say it clear, it lets you to clarify where your business is, where you desire it to be and the certain set of actions you have to take to get there.

At Katra Marketing, our marketing plans are individually created for your business by an experienced marketing specialist. Based on your defined goals, Katra Marketing will create a 12 month planning set of practical actions to help get your business in the desirable direction.

To write your marketing plan, we define your competition, research your current state and your industry potential and elaborate a careful strategy suitable to your business.

Who Needs a Marketing Plan?

Many company owners are neglecting a marketing plan, considering it's not an essential part, and managing their marketing steps on an experiential basis. However, like most things in business, you must have a strategic attitude and a logical effort to achieve results.

Taking care of your marketing procedures means you will spare your time, company budget and will get rid of hit-and-miss marketing fuss. Our marketing specialist in Jordan will analyse and decide about marketing solutions that are matching your type of industry and business sector. Dividing your marketing plan into monthly periods means you will follow your goals carefully: it's transparent and efficient.

What is The Marketing Plan Price?

The pricing range for marketing plan creation is very broad and depends on many factors.

Here are just a few: the size of your company, your goals, targeted audience, your annual sales, the quota for marketing budget, your level of commitment to company growth, company owner's former initiatives, the depth of our market survey needs and how much time the marketing specialist will need to spend to fully cover all these elements. So, we can't say at once.

However, if you’d like to apply for Katra Marketing to come to your business, you can fill the form below. We will contact you within three days.

Marketing Strategy Amman - Core Concept

That's how we work about your marketing strategy:

Your digital marketing strategy forms the base of all your marketing striving – arrange everything right, and you will be provided with list of steps that will lead you directly to your business goals.
Katra Marketing can help you get your marketing strategy up and running, and keep building it so you can do what matters most and grow your business in Jordan without any obstacle.


Research & Set

To create your marketing plan, we analyze your competitors, research your business field and develop a thoughtful marketing strategy that matches your business.

Planning your marketing activities as an ongoing project means you will save your valuable time, budget and avoid hit-and-miss marketing.

Katra Marketing's marketing analytics focus on practical strategies, which deliver definite results you can measure.


Make It Clear

Getting to where you want to go is easy if you know the road.

For this stage we take your stated goals and form a one year duration set of practical steps to help get your business reach where you want it to be. Our analyst will meet with you to identify specific marketing activities and budgets.

Dividing your strategic marketing plan for business in Jordan into month-by-month tasks and certain levels means you will be able to effectively track your strategy realization progress and realize the benefits.



Placing the marketing strategies and plans into action, is always exiting. But at the same time it's a lot of work, each employee of your company should be involved into.

Make sure your employees understand how the marketing plan matches your business's goals, objectives, priorities and policies. Second, sufficient time and money have to be devoted to the marketing objectives. Third, managers should make a step forward and be ready for meetings with monthly updates. Fourth, there should be proper technology systems involved: it is necessary to track progress.


Evaluate & Measure

The evaluation focuses on the certain sides of the plan and on the overall goals.

To stay on your way you should treat your marketing plan as a living document that you continually revise. You should determine how well the plan has been implemented and what in your marketing plan's structure and tasks you need to correct.

Corrective action during this phase helps ensure that the strategic marketing plan meets expectations.