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Active Marketing Training Sessions for Companies. Empower your employees with digital marketing knowledge.

About Marketing Training Courses MENA

Katra Marketing agency offers intense marketing courses, consultations and active marketing training to companies in the Middle East, mostly in Jordan and the UAE. For every industry in the Middle East, Katra Marketing agency offers SEO courses related to your company website, Google Analytics training, Social Media content planning, Marketing strategies and plans writing, based on your existing business plan and objectives you want to reach.

Marketing Courses for Every Industry

Training Sessions & Marketing Consulting in Jordan and UAE

E-Commerce Courses

Reach Your Online Customers
With Knowledge Greatness

Marketing Plans, SEO for e-commerce, lead generation techniques.


Marketing Courses

Learn how to bring more students
to your training center

For language schools, training centers, private & state schools in Jordan/UAE

Education Sector

Healthcare Marketing

Find More Prospects
by Revising Your Marketing Efforts

For healthcare Management, pharmaceutical companies, medical labs, hospitals in Jordan/UAE


Marketing for NGOs

Make Your Target Audience
Interested With Your Noble Actions

For volunteer, charity international organizations, non profit institutions in Amman/Dubai.

NGO Marketing

Restaurant Marketing

Get More Customers To Try Your Food By Running Your Website

For family restaurant business, bars & pubs, fastfood chains in Jordan.


Tourism Marketing

Have more happy clients
by attracting them
to your tourism website

Marketing courses for travel agencies in Jordan and UAE

Travel & Tourism

Startup Marketing

Make Your Prospects
Find Your Company Online

For home businesses, SMB owners, entrepreneurs, startups in Jordan/UAE

Startups & SMB

Event Marketing

Let Your Clients
Find Your Agency Online

For PR Agencies, Entertainment Companies, event management in Amman/Dubai.

PR & Event Agencies

Wedding Marketing

Make More Couples Happy
By Improving Your Visibility Online

Marketing Courses & Consultations for wedding planner companies in Jordan.

Wedding Agencies

Marketing for Professionals

Build An Image of Trust
With Online Audience Reach

Marketing courses for lawyers, medical practitioners, real estate agencies in Jordan and UAE

Lawyers, Doctors, Real Estate

Health Marketing

Reach Your Prospects
With Digital Marketing Knowledge

Marketing for fitness centers, health clubs wellness & SPA in Jordan/UAE

Fitness & Wellness

Branding for Professionals

Make a Brand Out of Yourself
Show How Great You Are

Personal branding for new business owners, managers, entrepreneurs in Amman/Dubai.

Personal Branding

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Check the marketing courses and consultations we offer for B2B and B2C companies in Amman & Dubai