Website Design Case Study

for foreign language center

How We Made Web Design and SEO for Language School

Background & Description

Advance Language School was a great project to work on, we’d say it is a perfect sample of what Katra Marketing can do from the ideation of the project, Digital Marketing research and building the website structure, to well-planned design elements and navigation of the website, content writing and local Search Engine Optimization.

In this case we’d like to show the most common mistake the companies make while creating websites with a web development company. Without any doubts, a skilled web developer knows the programming language, as well as a skilled web designer knows the code. Yet only an internet marketer can see the full picture of the project and keep in mind the nuances of three sides - marketing, usability and programming to make the best website for your company.

We want to tell you even more - every time you make a website with a web developer, it’s dead from the beginning. When there’s no Search Engine Optimization made before the website launch, it’s a very low possibility you will find your website in Google among your competitors, even on the 10th page. And this situation can be improved mostly like never.

Another issue web developers don't get in mind while making business websites - that there should be an online marketing research before the coding and planning. With this case we have proven one more time how the presence of an internet marketer is important and effective for website creation. As we make the website in accordance with all SEO techniques, the whole project time decreased, as well as the time planned for UI mistakes and code structure errors fixing issues. The presence of a skilled internet marketer in a website development project leads to less money and time spend on the business website.

We've launched this website in the beginning of September, 2017 (11/09), and the project is not finished fully, as we have still to monitor how the search engines will act and accept this website regarding the ranking. We can say that the website indexing by Google has happened after 7 days only, so again it proves that the websites should be made by internet marketers.

We will update this Digital Marketing case regarding primary SEO actions we have made, and meanwhile you can visit Advance School website and check it yourself.

Goals / Challenge

The foreign language school center wanted to redesign their outdated website and attract more exposure for their services.

Strategy / Solution

Katra Marketing analyzed the current situation and offered the following actions:

  1. Full website design and development, responsive and modern
  2. Fully rewritten content made by Katra Marketing specialists, in accordance with the online marketing research and the competitors research.
  3. Expanded structure of the website, easy navigation menu, that divided company services by age groups and languages.
  4. Primary Search Engine Optimization services, for the correct search engines ranking, focused on Yandex and Google.


We have achieved a 100% acceptance our of more than 30 people in the focus group, regarding the website design and easy navigation.


More Page Views


Bounce Rate Down


Interactions per Visit

Make the Best Company Website With Us

marketers in Jordan know how to do it

With this case we wanted to show how important to make your company website right, with the clear perspective and professional services of internet marketers. With Katra Marketing agency in Jordan, you are getting an attractive and responsive website with UI navigation and SEO-friendly content, so that SEO activities our specialists plan and make for each website are really effective and help you to reach the top ranking in Google.

To make a website with Katra Marketing is easy: write us an e-mail about your ideas, we will have the first meeting to discuss the details, and after signing the agreement and the down payment, we start working on the project. With our work you will avoid the risks of having a dead, non-functional website.

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