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Landing Page CRO Case Study

Conversion Rate Optimization for a Healthcare Landing Page

How We Improved Landing Page Conversions by 124%

Background & Description

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a well-planned and systematic approach to enhance the performance of the website. In this current case we are discussing CRO techniques implemented to a specific landing page of the website. Conversion Rate Optimization is a pure marketing analytics work, based on the site/landing page specific objectives and KPIs, series of Multivariate Testing (MVT) and Split Testing (A/B Testing).

A definition of what your company considers as a conversion is essential to placing a specific goal from the very beginning. For this company landing page, described in this case study, a conversion for a healthcare landing page was defined as the filling of a request of the information form.

Katra Marketing has started working with this healthcare company in 2016. We have made SEO and content management, some changes in the company website structure, yet the main issue was the landing page with the services offer. Initially, it had several fields, so visitors could choose the health trouble they have, and then fill the regular contact information. The previous landing page didn't contain any information other than the form of two sections with the dark background: health issue multiple variation, and standard fields for the contact information. You can see before and after changes of the page, without the company content at the image below.

We have analyzed the current page using Google Analytics and set up tracking data collection (click data, scroll maps, attention heat maps). We have discovered that over 1/3 of the visitors were getting confused by the initial form step, offering them to choose the health issue they are experiencing. Over 50% of landing page visitors were trying to look at the similar issues described on the main page of the current website, or read more on the patient reviews page. Only 7% of those who tried to search the additional information to fill the form, got back to the landing page and completed the form fully. In any case, that section has the highest rate of drop-offs, and the most timing to consider. That was the main trouble we have defined.

Secondly, the initial landing page contained only the introductory header and the form. The company marketing team used that landing page to collect leads via the social media, therefore when a visitor was going from a social media ad to that page, he needed more information about the product and the company. It led to a high drop-off rate (86%).

The third issue was technical and has been discovered by the visitor sessions recording. The form fields didn’t allow visitors to autocomplete the fields in the form (autocomplete="off"), therefore almost 18% of the mobile visitors and 11% of the desktop visitors were refusing to fill the form.

Goals / Challenge

The primary task was to increase landing page conversions: to analyze the existing data and improve the landing page form, to decide how the overall funnel conversion rate can be increased.

Strategy / Solution

Based on the issues Katra Marketing specialist discovered during the analysis stage, the following changes have been made:

  1. Landing page was redesigned completely, the first form section with the health factors was excluded, as the visitors couldn’t define their health issues correctly, and they will have a primary medical consultation with a specialist anyway.
  2. More informational content sections have been added, such as the company information and the product benefits, as well as the reviews from the previous patients.
  3. Inserted a video content, to get the maximum attention from the visitors who prefer reading and the visitors who choose to watch over reading.
  4. Solved the technical issue with the autofilling the form, so the visitors were able to fill it faster, without mistyping and incorrectly filled fields.


We have achieved a 15.7% conversion rate which is 124.1% is better than the initial landing page we have started to work on.


Less Drop-off


Conversion Increase


More Qualified Leads

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