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free SMM template jordan

Do you aim to track your social media marketing activities right? Download Katra Marketing free template to track your monthly efforts in social media and get a more purposeful and effective SMM experience for your local business.

free business mentions jordan

Checking mentions about a company brand is a must for every business owner who cares about the professional reputation and strives for success. Mouth-to-mouth replies and mentions are spread in the digital world immediately.

business online jordan

If 5 years ago a company might just have a website, nowadays it's about managing your business presence everywhere. If you really care about turning curious users to your customers, you should use blogging and social networks

free SEO Jordan

By launching a free SEO checkup of any website in Jordan and abroad, we have started to get additional questions about this special offer. Read about Katra Marketing, our main services and free SEO report frequently asked questions.

content marketing amman

Isn’t it time to develop the value of your marketing content? Are you keep thinking how to engage customers with your content? In this post you will get a valuable practice, how to grow and develop your social media marketing.

swot marketing jordan

If you want to stay updated and profitable, SWOT analysis is a compulsory business procedure that you should do regularly. Your goal setting will be more productive if you know exactly your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. But how to do it for SMM?

online advertising jordan

Digital Marketing uses a broad variety of technologies to engage company presence in the internet with its customers. The main targets of online advertising are similar with offline marketing aims, and it's all about new customers attraction, current customers retaining and brand identity development & improvement.

linkedin advantages jordan

Social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook suggest more options than only providing a way to meet people. These web resources have various benefits, from enhancing communication skills to deeper understanding of IT solutions, ...

conversion rate jordan

Do you think that increasing website traffic and choosing the related keywords is enough? Well, that's a good start, when your website first started showing progress, but it's not the time to relax. Today we'll try to describe what Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is, and how it's connected with your SEO efforts.