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SMM specialist skills jordan

A common demand for a SMM specialist work continues to grow. However, there's no clear understanding at the market: who SMM specialist is, what he is doing, and how his professional level can be measured.

SMM jordan hire

As a business owner you might think all those tweets, likes and pins are not related to your company revenue issue, but that's not true. Nowadays Social Media Marketing became the baseline for a business promotion.

website price amman

Today we are going to talk about the traditional pricing model for website development. The price of a company website consists of several elements: The price of specialists' work + The price of ready IT solutions.

landing page structure amman

Do You Know What Landing Page Is? In the scope of digital marketing and advertising, a landing page may be defined as any page on the web that includes a form, and that form is put there only to get a visitor’s information.

entrepreneur mistakes

Being an entrepreneur is a stressful job especially in this dynamic trending world, but at the same time, it can be of a rewarding path. You need some broad skills for your big ambitions and goals. In this article we will talk how most entrepreneurs can make some few mistakes while thinking that they doing fine.

marketing tips jordan

Are you a business owner who is struggling to promote your business due to a tight budget? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here are 7 tips that can help your business to get the necessary attention of your prospects.

Twitter is considered as a fast and interactive social media network where you can stay updated about the news in your industry worldwide. Individuals and organizations can share their useful information and share the knowledge, along with promoting themselves.

facebook advertising Jordan

Would you like to reach more prospects and get more sales? We can explain how your company in Jordan should take an advantage of Social Media Advertising possibilities.

paid advertising Jordan

Since the companies these days are looking through the digital marketing techniques in order to increase their sales and reputation, the fastest influential way is to use PPC advertising which will trigger a solid ROI.

facts digital marketing jordan

Would you like to get the proven data about customer behaviour that you can use for your business? Katra Marketing prepared them for you. 1. There's a statement that not to reply to comments in social media, or make a dialogue with your fans..