Why SMS Campaigns Suck

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There's no bigger disappointment, when you are waiting a really important reply, keeping your mobile close, swiping the screen on and off, again and again. Finally you hear the desired sound, your heart jumps, you open SMS - and here it is: "we have a TOTAL SALE 99% for everything, blah-blah, it's your last chance to buy plenty of useless crap TODAY!!!"

And these intruders have even decided to call you by name.

Hey, have some pride and conscience - to deliver tonnes of SMS, you only cause disgust and pity of your potential clients. As you know, marketers are involved into different levels of company presentation: they do branding, promoting you on TV, participating in customer service and employees' interaction with clients, checking how your shop-windows look like from the point of the entire branding, and so on.

What Do You Think Your Customers Are REALLY Sensitive About?

As a matter of fact, people are willing not to be disturbed by their most responsive way of reaching them - yes-yes, with your SMS bulk sending. And the Problem nowadays is that so called "marketing experts" can't undertand it.

First, you can't ignore SMS, there will be a short sound, or a vibration, and the message will be shown directly at the screen.
Second thing - it's almost impossible to refuse from your "free SMS deliveries", one can spend a pint of blood to erase his name from your lovely sending list (never saw anyone, in fact).
Thirdly, SMS is a private message channel. When a message comes, the first thought a mobile phone owner gets is "oh, who is it?" He/she will open the message anyway, and the second thought is literally the following: "Again this sales rubbish."

Many companies with a solid reputation and nice positioning are erasing all their other efforts when they mess with stinky SMS bulk sending. Especially when their messages are coming at the wrong time.

The worst part is that it looks awfully cheap. Your client trusted you, shared his private information, spent his time for filling your form, and now he is forced to get useless monthly messages.

How to Make SMS Campaigns Better?

If you insist that SMS campaigns work for your business, there are certain rules to follow:

1. Mention the clear and easy way for your prospects how to unsubscribe from your list. Yes, there would be plenty of people unsubscribing. But they wouldn't buy anything from you, because they simply don't want any information from your store, from your business in general.

2. Write about real deals, showing the certain dates and campaign rules. With mass sending you can bring the crowd to your shop, but if they don't get what you've promised, you will lose the most precious business value - the customer trust and reputation.

3. Don't plan mass sending too early, or too late. The perfect timing is around 11am. it's annoying to wake up from an SMS signal and find out it's a meaningless crap.

4. Never order bulk SMS sending from a local marketing agency. That's right, it's cheap and looks like a real deal to spend your marketing budget on. The point is that digital marketing and PR agencies got the database of phone numbers from the mobile companies, or banking systems. Such SMS is equal to 100% SPAM.

Have some professional dignity and cut bulk mobile messages out of your marketing budget, no matter if you are a big retail company, or a small local business. It's obsolete and rotten, and your clients do not want it. Times are changing, and it should change for the best.

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