Mobile SEO and User Experience in the Middle East

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Last year it was registered that mobile internet usage ​exceeded​ the desktop usage in the USA, and it'll continue to grow. In the Middle East mobile user amount is also increasing fast, so we definitely can't ignore mobile users.

Ask yourself what the increasing number of mobile users means for your website and your target market. How can we optimize the website for mobile SEO?

If you manage a local business, tuning your company information correctly for a local search is the most important for mobile SEO. People want to see the nearest location of a place they need, look through the reviews and make their decision fast. While searching from a mobile device, people tend to do it even faster, so if you are not located in local catalogues and Google My Business.

You can define how many users came to your website, using mobile devices, from your Google Analytics report. Simply choose Audience ->Mobile ->Overview, and it will show you the rate of site visitors in numbers and percentages of desktop/tablet/mobile usage. For Katra Marketing as digital marketing company in Amman, the mobile rate is around 15% of all visitors, and even in this case we can't ignore them.

Right Mobile Configuration

Choosing a suitable way to configure mobile website is the key to develop your user experience. If people can't find what you need, or the information is hard to read, most probably mobile users will leave your website.
So, you have three major options to improve your UX (User experience) and website maintenance:

1. Responsive design includes the same content, the same URLs for all devices, only the size of website varies, to fit the visitors' screen resolutions. That's Google's favourite mobile configuration, and it suits great if your mobile device visitors have similar aims with your desktop users. At Katra Marketing, while considering the type of website and its purposes, we mainly recommend responsive design.

2. Dynamic serving uses the same URLs, but the content differs, depending on the type of devices that visitors are having. It works good, if you want to differentiate the content for mobile users, by making it shorter, with less traffic and more informative.

3. Separated mobile site allows you to have two different websites with different URLs and, as a result, different content on each of your websites. Such approach makes sense, if your purposes for website usage vary because of visitors' devices.

Optimized Mobile User Experience (UX)

The most important factor for a successful mobile SEO strategy is user experience (UX), where a well-planned mobile design meets users in the beginning, and follow them through the website. It also can affect on the ranking, search engines prefer mobile-friendly sites, if everything else is even.

1.Simple & With Easy Navigation

If  you ever had an experience of being on the website where you had to zoom in and out, to read the content (before it was not only at mobiles even), you remember how it's irritating. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, mobile visitors will just leave disappointed, and search what your competitors offer. When it's about mobile search, make the content as informative as possible.

2. Fit Your Customer Needs

Always think that a mobile user's search is usually different from a desktop user's intention, even the searches can be similar. If you are looking for shawarma place from a desktop, you might probably check the menu and look through the reviews, while mobile user would probably focused at a phone number to order delivery, or just an address to get there, while being at the taxi. Feel, think and design for your users' needs.

3. Speed matters

A slow loading on mobile device will bring you nothing but a loss of traffic and conversion. As a rule, images are the slowest while loading, and in the mobile version it's even worse, it's really a killer. Compress and resize your images, your mobile updates will definitely lead to UX improvement.

4. Track Your Mobile SEO.

Many website owners check only the data for the entire site, in general, without thinking the numbers can be different for mobile and desktop users. You surely can push your mobile SEO for an enhanced UX and CRO (conversion rate optimisation).

Mobile SEO Offer in Jordan

As an initial step of working with us, your personal team of Katra Marketing will create and describe a Plan of Actions, to improve visibility of your website for the Search Engines, including the mobile version of your website. Check the comparison of SEO prices in Jordan, to find the most suitable for your website needs.

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