Marketing Checklist for Christmas Holidays in Jordan

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December has just started – is your marketing plan doing allright? Almost 1/5 of the business annual sales comes from the last two months - November and December. You have to make the most out of this Christmas holiday madness, and maximize your business holiday sales. Even if you think it's not related to Jordan a lot, it's still a good idea to boost the amount of clients at the end of the year and achieve better results for your company. Katra Marketing team made a free checklist of marketing reminders and tips – check it now!

Week 1: November 30 – December 6

Cyber Monday & Cyber Week

Cyber Monday was created by marketing companies to persuade people to shop online more. This year it is on December 1st, and it’s still might be great to send a last-minute e-mail campaign, or announce about it on your e-commerce website, offering some discounts and coupons.

Charity Event Reminders

If you’re a non-profit organization and are hosting a December fundraiser, send an email this week informing your followers about your event, and how they can donate. Announce it as a Facebook event too, it's the most popular social media network in Jordan. Advice: make the money transfer as easy as possible!

Week 2: December 7 – 13

Concentrate on Product and Service Benefits

Use the second week of December to revise your product or service benefits, and define some specials for end-of-the-year shoppers in your e-mail newsletters and social media postings. Figure out some attractive moments like special shopping days, free gift wrapping, free delivery or anything similar that will make your customers be more interested.

Create a New Editorial Calendar

Design a new editorial calendar, as a digital copy, or as a print-out specials for your clients. It might be smart-wise to think about updates of your internet-marketing plan and your content calendar. If you manage to arrange all year, and include religious and state holiday deals, you can make a useful present for your customers.

Week 3: December 14 – 20

Push Procrastinators

An average customer can wait till the absolute last possible minute to have their holiday shopping (if you've been in City Mall, or Mecca Mall one day before any holiday, you know how it is!) Keep in touch with them by email, SMS and Facebook pages using motivational phrases that remind about coming holidays and last-minute deals. Doing this also can give you increased traffic to your shop, or website.

Week 4: December 20th – New Year’s Day & After

Spread Gift Cards

Continue arranging campaigns with those "late" shoppers, particularly if you have nice gift cards or certificates to offer – this can be a great relief and an option of freedom for exhausted customers. Also, the next week you can send a newsletter with a “best 10″ list of items and products to buy with gift cards.

Make Your Business Better in the New Year

Need some help in your marketing activities? You can find more useful information in our blog, or you can arrange a meeting with Katra Marketing specialist anytime.

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