Interactive Emails: Best Marketing Trend in 2018

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Interactive emails and engaging content is the latest marketing trend at the moment, and if you are not using it now, you should plan it in 2018.

I’d say it’s a great era for email marketing, and an amazing opportunity for marketers to engage prospects, increase brand awareness and, therefore, increase open rates, conversions and sales.

While having a proper e-mail database (not a bought one, it will never do any good for your company), it works better than social media acquisition.

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I’m glad about this trend because it requires from digital marketers to be more tech-efficient, even if they use ready tools. It means more learning for digital agencies and in-house marketers, if they want to keep up with interactive e-mails. Another benefit is that marketers are having an opportunity to combine their UI and marketing experience, as well as technical skills, to create great email templates for a better performance and engagement.

Interactive Emails Benefits

Here are just a few interactive options you can include in your emails nowadays.

1. Email Hamburger Menu

This is the element you’ve already familiar with by responsive websites and mobile applications. Hamburger menu saves the screen space and allows the visitors easily reach the navigation. Therefore, it became the most widely used element for interactive emails. Here is how it worked for our email campaign.

email interactive sample amman

2. Carousel Menu in E-Mails

Carousel images, or image gallery that became so commonly used for websites, and even not in trend anymore, are having a second chance with interactive e-mails, especially on mobile devices.

email interactive carousel amman

3. Animated Quizzes in Interactive E-Mails

Voting, interviews, questions of the month/week, as well as interactive quiz in your emails is a great chance to improve the opening rate and your email marketing metrics. Our marketing agency in Amman recently made an interactive e-mail campaign where we gave a discount for website design services in Amman, just for interactive quiz completion. It was so cool and motivating for our marketing team, and we have learned a lot during this campaign.

email interactive quiz amman

Interactive Email Campaigns with Katra Marketing Agency

We offer highly engaging, interactive email campaigns for companies in the Middle East, who are willing to expand their marketing success and significantly improve their email marketing metrics.
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