How We Do PPC Advertising in Jordan

PPC services Jordan

Pay-Per-Click is a form of paid advertising for your website where payment depends on amount of searches clicked on your ad link (CTR, click-through-rate). PPC lets advertisers to make their own text ads and place them at the top search engine query, or to right side of the "organic" listings on a search engine results page (SERP).  It's pretty hard to explain with human words, but it's pretty easy, it works from the start, with the specific keywords you've chosen for your internet promotion, using Google AdWords.

At Katra Marketing we have a certain way of doing PPC:

1. Analyze

To understand the best way of paid search marketing for your business online, first of all we have to know your business objectives and feel your market. We collect your ROI requirements and start our main research for keywords, competitors online and your visitors search behavior. If you already have a PPC account, we can make a full audit to focus on key areas for improvement. In the end of these preparations, our marketing specialist will write a PPC strategy for your corporate website.

2. Ready to Act

At the acting stage of PPC campaigns, we prepare your new/renewed account. We split our ad groups to certain levels that let our specialist to test, double-check and get results. Every ad group has a restricted amount of keywords to know that all your ads are closely bounded. We make an alluring and nicely written ad picking for your business field and targeted niche, including various CTA (call-to-action), based on your business goals.

3. Refining

Through the whole process of online advertising campaign, we run your ads equally, for the same time period, and discreetly analyze the result we get. Katra Marketing also can arrange various split tests for different landing pages at this stage to put it altogether and understand the visitor's behaviour on your website. We utilize several analytic metrics to pick paid ads that will bring the needed traffic to your website and mostly lead to conversions.

4. Enhance

That's the level of continuous optimization, testing and modifying your PPC campaign to know that it brings a high quality traffic for your website. We keep an eye for your industry changes, and staying aware of trends and competitors' actions. Your Pay Per Click campaign will stay in parallel with the rest of other marketing activities.

PPC Services in Jordan

To know the prices for PPC services in Jordan, contact Katra Marketing agency. Please mention your website, your approximate budget for paid advertising campaigns, to we can contact you and offer the best solution for your advertising online.

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