How to SEO-Spy on Your Competitors

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Let's assume you've already made a list of keywords you want to be on top of the search engine ranking.  Not a lot of people are thinking of it, but you should have a SEO competitor analysis. There's a list what you have to look at:

1. Keywords :  What are the other keywords your competitors used to optimize their websites?
2. Content: Compare the balance of targeted keywords and the content placed on each webpage.
3. SEO: How does the web page rank for this keywords?
4. Authority: Do competitors' websites have an authority (depending on outer links and social networking shares)?
5. Weaknesses: Did you notice any weak points that you can use as an opportunity for your own SEO?

Why Should I Analyze Competitor Websites?

It's important to determine the better search terms and keywords, getting a clear list of keywords your competitors used for their business websites. Then you can analyze and understand how to optimize your webpages, and make more successful SEO actions. But you probably have a logical question while reading it:

HOW can I get this information? My competitors are not willing to give me the password from their Google Analytics account. WHERE can I get all these data?

How to Check Competitor Websites SEO Work?

The first useful resource is Majectic. It's pretty easy, you just need to log in, put your URL to the search field, and compare it with your competitor's website. You can check how many backlinks their websites have, and where they are coming from, how they accumulating the content by the time, and which descriptions lead visitors to the website. It might be a little expensive for your budget, but it is deep and informative.

2. SpyOnWeb - free and simple resource, showing you Alexa Rank and Page Rank of the website. You can also see the colourful chart for traffic sources, whether the visitors are coming from.

3. Marketing Grader - cool and important, internet-marketers use it for themselves and prefer not to show to their clients. It gives you fast and descriptive ideas about your site improvement, and gaps your competitors' websites have. Also you can use Marketing Grader for the meeting with digital marketing agency, giving the basic, yet necessary requirements to them.

4. QuickSprout - lets you to compare up to 4 different websites, right from the main page, giving descriptive reports about errors found and SEO recommendations.

5. As the last, but not least, Google Alerts might be helpful for you in long-term period. You can add certain mentions of your company, or your competitors and the frequency you want to get them to your email, and be aware of resources and people mentioning them.

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