How to Present Your Business Online

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If 5 years ago a company might just have a website, nowadays it's about managing your business presence everywhere. If you really care about turning curious users to your customers, you should use blogging and social networks, and be attentive enough.

Change Your Opinion About Online Promotion

First of all, let's get rid of certain mistakes that push your business down the slope in the Internet.

  Fancy and modern website doesn't bring customers.

If it doesn't have the answers your prospects are looking for, there's no sense in any innovative web design. Effective, UI-friendly website makes information easier to search, and motivates visitors to take action.

  You have no idea what your clients are searching, and how.

As a matter of fact, most business owners have no idea how their clients make search queries. You know the exact names of your products, but prospects name them in a different way. For example, "dental calculus remover" can be searched as: "anti-scale remedy", or instead of a "foot plank" users are looking for "building timber". So, you should involve an internet marketer who will make a semantic keyword grouping for your website content.

  Your visitors can't find the "Contacts" information on the website.

Because some of the visitors are looking for contacts at the main page, and leaving if they haven't found it quickly. Unplanned website structure makes their searches complicated.

  Everybody reads blogs.

We are serious: any user who is making any search query during the last 2 years, are getting links to blog articles. If you type "internet business" in, you will get the first page filled with blog articles only.

  Internet users are not only checking products at e-commerce websites.

It became natural to search for customer reviews in social networks, or rating websites.

  Conversion is more important than traffic.

Well, to attract people to visit your company site is only half of the deal, and another one - to engage with your prospects and customers.

  Visitors do not come back for the sake of the website only.

Internet users become returning visitors, or share an email with you because of an informative and thoughtful content.

So, let's sum up. It's not enough to build a website and wait for an interaction with customers. You need a business website with a user-friendly navigation, attractive from the technical, visual and marketing point of view: the site that will connect all your interactions in the internet. Your main aim is to turn visitors to clients.

Fill The Internet Space With Information About Your Business

Think about all platforms as buckets, where you have to put clean and refreshing water.

  Have a blog

A business-related blog, where you will regularly publish partners content, or interviews with experts in your field, and share your blog posts with popular internet and media digests.

  Create a Facebook page

Engage with your prospects and build a dialogue with them: tell about yourself and your company, ask and answer the questions. For example ask your followers what they are willing to read at your company page, or what they think about the new product version.

  Register on YouTube

Publish your webinar materials, interviews and educational videos.

  Create an account on a customer reviews website

Appreciate the positive ratings about your company and react to the negative ones in a polite and persuasive manner.

However, you can't follow these advice directly. May be instead of a Facebook account it's more suitable for your business to have an Instagram page, and YouTube can be replaced with a Slideshare profile. Internet-marketer can give you a consultation and make a Plan of actions for your social media expansion.

Interact With Your Visitors

Highlight your content, promote it, emphasize the most important moments. It's hard to attract someone with a plain page with non-formatted information and the absence of images, or videos.

  Let your customers leave their reviews and opinions, they are ready to rate your content and products. Use polls and surveys, it'll give your visitors one more reason to come back.

  Publish audio and video content. It'll increase the amount of time visitors spend on your site. May be you can go for podcasts, as well as for a YouTube channel. It's hard to manage such type of content, but it's highly engaging and will bring you more feedback.

  Add social buttons to your company site, so visitors can easily share the content, add it to bookmarks and sign for newsletters and RSS feeds.

  Promote your content, advertise it as much as you advertising your actual products.

Go for changes. The rules of a business promotion have changed, people collect opinions about possible purchases and services. Expand your business presence  in social networks and interact with your potential clients. Even this way is more complicated, it will bring you more opportunities.

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