How to Prepare Effective Marketing Plan

In most cases, even the company has a clear business strategy, marketing area is often neglected. The simple logic is to make a website, and have as many social media profiles as possible, placing posts about company's products and services, and that's the stage where companies feel their job is done, or don't have enough resources to manage all marketing channels.
But even you have so many options and a broad range of possibilities how to promote your company in Jordan online, there should be a clear plan for the marketing actions and success measurement.

What is a Marketing Plan?

Marketing Plan is a document that describes a set of actions needed to achieve specific business goals. Briefly, it lets you to define where your business is at right now, where you want it to be and the actions you must take to get there.

Marketing plan preparation includes the following stages:

  • analysis of the current situation;
  • setting goals;
  • preparing the objectives;
  • writing solutions how to achieve those objectives

First of all, the marketing plan is a recommendation for action. It's important how you define them for your business, because it will influence the further development of the company.

Who Should Write a Marketing Plan?

Large enterprises mostly have marketing departments, with dozens of people. They analyze, collect statistics, plan, implement and monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns for reaching strategic goals and objectives.
Katra Marketing offers strategic and online marketing plans preparation - plans that are carefully fit your business. Keeping your business goals in mind, we create a 6 month set of actual steps to help get your business where you want it to go.

What is Inside of Any Marketing Plan?

The marketing plan should include a list of sequential steps:

  • 1. The general company vision and recommendations;
  • 2. Analysis of the situation;
  • 3. Objectives;
  • 4. Budget;
  • 5. Strategy;
  • 6. Stages of implementation;
  • 7. Assessment.

Have a Great Marketing Plan

No matter what your business field or company size, you need customers to survive and grow. If you have decided to engage with more customers and enlarging your business, Katra Marketing agency in Amman can help you reach this and bring a clear pace with a strategic marketing plan.

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