How to Place Keywords on Your Website

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Are you trying to improve search engine ranking as part of your digital marketing strategy?
Are you wondering how to use keywords in your website? In this post we are going to describe how to use keywords correctly throughout a page and your website in general.

1. Keywords Choice

After you've decided which keywords will be suitable for your website, you should put these keywords in each of your page as Meta  tags: Title, Description & Keywords. Unfortunately, people were stuffing Keywords with all kinds of phrases and words, to attract more visitors to their websites, no matter if the content was related to keywords, or not, so nowadays search engines don't take Keyword meta tag into consideration. You can just skip it, without any guilty feeling.

2. Place Important First

As a rule, search engines give more weight to the first 200 words within a page. Make your best, explain your business right, show where you're placed locally. Include keywords from your Description and Title into it, and try to do the same for all pages.

3. Slim Title

Your Title for any page should fit 66-70 characters. That will be the first impression for searchers, so put something informative yet short. You can add the name of your company.

4. Write The Truth

Your meta tag Description should be less than 155 characters, write a clear description of a product or service in Jordan you want to offer. Never write anything that doesn't match the page content!

5. Put Headings

Another important element that affect page ranking is proper text marking with headings. They can be of a different levels, and in this way Google crawlers will identify the structure of your webpage content better. Headings must look like a short description (2-5 words) of the subject matter. Inserting keyword to these heading tags gives priority to these keywords in terms of their relevance.

6. Spread Keywords

Next step - to make sure of the correct spreading of keywords throughout the visible webpage content. Don't try too much, just write a good, appealing text that might be interesting for your target audience, so you will include key phrases naturally.

7. Images Deserve Tags

Also keywords should be placed to your images attributes of HTML code, to strengthen the subject of the web page. Make sure you take into consideration that the keywords used within text has to be relevant to an image and the text on the webpage.

8. Keywords Stuffing is Dangerous!

The overuse of keywords whether if it in Meta keyword tags, headings, anchor text, or attribute is crucial and devastating for your website, because for any search engine it's a clear indicator of spam techniques. Your site can be penalized, and be excluded from all search queries.

For any type of business, the best option is to hire a SEO company in Amman to make a professional-level SEO and get marketing recommendations how to optimize your website in the future.

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