How to Find Pinterest Groups Like a Pro

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Pinterest is a great way to find out things that attracts different people from different countries. This social network's purpose is to help you share what you like with other people, alike with you.

The right way to use Pinterest is to follow various group boards. But for the beginner this network looks like a constant stream of various pins, and if you type different searches, you can understand there are plenty of Pinterest groups, and it's so easy to start pinning randomly and miss interesting boards, because they are all separated for you.

And, for sure, there’s an easy solution for this mess! PinGroupie will help you to explore and find the coolest Pinterest boards. It’s very simple to use, Katra Marketing prepared an instruction how to use this tool.

How To Find Pinterest Groups

1. Go to PinGroupie.

2. In the "Title" or "Description" fields type the keywords referring to your interest. You can also vary the category, sorter order from additional menus. Once you're ready, click "Filter".

3. You will see the list of groups containing the description, category, № of pins, № of pinners, № of followers, likes and repins, last update.

4. Now you may click on the links in the title to check the group boards, or hover on the "description" button to understand if this board is interesting for you, or not.

To understand if a board is worth following, you can check the "last updated" field and pick up the boards with bigger amount of likes and repins. Easy, isn't it? And you can always start following Katra Marketing on Pinterest, for some strategic tips and internet-related infographics, it's always fun to be there.

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