How to Choose Right SEO Keywords

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Before creating a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) project, you have to know which keywords you should use for your website and the numbers of keywords needed for your organic SEO project. All of this depends on your company goals and what types of words will bring to your business website suitable and more targeted traffic. In order to pick up great keywords, Katra Marketing is going to give you the best ways which can help you to collect proper keywords.

1. Write a Basic List of Words

Write a long list as a start, related to your business or company. This list of words will help you to choose suitable keywords for website's SEO actions. Then you should check the keywords by going through your web site to understand how it has been used, and which type of content you'd like to include; it will give you some ideas for additional keywords. Maybe the keywords that you have chosen are too broad, and it'll not be working with your website, so that you need the words to be more specific, that will improve your site top SEO ranking.

2. Make a Keyword Research

The other way to find the right keywords for your business niche is to know if your competitors have the same keywords as you've chosen. You can check it easily by typing some of your keywords into the search box of your browser and define the websites with the top search engine positions. Your target is to get keywords that are used by your target audience quite frequently, but there are not so many competing pages for them. Try to use it for your website, you will have a better visitors rate.

Hack: Check the Source Code of Your Competitors Pages*

By doing this quick SEO research on your competitors websites, you will define if these keywords are suitable to your website's products and services.

*How to Do it: open Chrome browser → find the page you need → right-click on the mouse → choose View Page Source. Then search (press CTRL + F) for “keywords”. If the website has Meta keywords, you will be able to find them in the code.

3. Define Keywords Popularity

When you have enough keywords and business-related terms, you have to know how popular are these keywords by knowing the number of searches of these keywords are done every month. You can use Keyword Planner, or order a professional SEO audit in Jordan. In case of using Katra Marketing's services, you will get a full report and some recommendations how to improve your SEO.

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