How to Choose Good Keywords for SEO

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A keyword or a key phrase is what we type while searching for products or services.

Many companies optimize their website for search by using keywords at their pages. But how we can make a good or right keyword to target for SEO?
A good keyword for your business niche can be both targeted and broad keyword for search engine optimization.

A broad term may be a higher search rate than other terms, but the top ranking of search engine for a targeted keyword provides a higher conversion rate.

So what are the differences between broad and targeted keywords and which type is more valuable for SEO? We are going to explain it in this article.

Targeted & Broad Keywords

The difference between targeted and broad keywords is simple: when you use a key phrase more specific of what your site offers (targeted), it will display your website in the search query for that certain phrase. And when users typed the targeted key phrase, it will be more likely to go through and purchase from your website, because that's exactly what they were looking for or needed. At the same time, broad keyphrases will describe what your site does. But it's not comparable with the information that targeted phrases give. Users may not found what they searched, therefore they will leave the website, because they didn’t found what they looking for.

Which Keywords are Perfect for SEO?

Maybe, at this moment you are asking yourself what types of keywords are better for your company website SEO? The answer is - you should use both types of key phrases and keywords. If you post regularly, adding new and relevant content, it will help your website to gain an authority on topics you talk about. So, if we begin with the targeted keyword terms and become experts on them, then we will become experts for the general terms also.

Katra Marketing SEO Keyword Examples

For example, Katra Marketing is interested in having customers in Jordan, who already have company websites and trying to improve their online marketing strategy and optimize their websites for search engines, like Google. We can be found by key phrases as: "marketing companies in Jordan", "marketing agency", or "SEO prices Jordan". By the time we will gain more professional-related, expert ranking, based on our digital marketing blog topics, then the search engine crawlers will decide we should get the position in a wider topic of "online marketing" and "digital marketing". If your business is focused on local audience, you can be aimed to get geographically connected key phrases, as "SEO in Jordan", or "digital marketing in Amman". Keywords are what clarifies the topic of your website and gives your site a higher rank as an authority.

Make SEO in Jordan with Us

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