The Future of Search Engine Optimization

future SEO Jordan

One of the hottest discussions within marketing circles is about SEO and its future. Is SEO dead? What is SEO these days? I would like to bring my thoughts to an open discussion among professionals. To clarify everything, we really have to simplify and peel out this global topic from the view of complicated terms and actions.

If you have asked me about SEO 6 years ago, when I was into ecommerce and managed a bunch of online shops, I would say SEO is about keywords and backlinks. And 3 years ago I would reply the same.

Keywords and backlinks embrace the main mystery of SEO, whether you want it, or not. You were placing keywords, the relevance was growing, and inbound links from other websites proved that your site deserves a certain level of trust.

And the whole work of search engines was focused at those two parameters. From one side, it was a great deal: the whole market of SEO service appeared by the ability to influence them. From another side we had a monster: excessive spam and non-human content, market of selling and buying links and other manipulations became a logical result of search engine systems.

After that Google decided to struggle with the black SEO, by changing algorithms, internet marketers experienced Panda and Penguin algorithms, and Google Hummingbird after that. So, SEO approaches would never be the same, even some marketers can't realise it fully. It's like you can't see the huge moves of tectonic plates, yet you have to be aware of it.

The future of SEO is about Getting Noticed, it's already moved to inbound marketing. So, the only way to get the high quality traffic is to create the content, relevant to your audience, and do it well. Yes, it's a common saying that content is the king. But it's not about Any Content you write, it will be a challenge about your internet rating as a copywriter and influencer, and there are social platforms where it already matters.

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