Free Marketing Tips
for Small Business Owners in Jordan

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Are you a business owner who is struggling to promote your business in Jordan due to a tight budget? If yes, then you have come to the right place. I've collected a few marketing points of contact and techniques that my team uses for Katra Marketing agency, and ready to share them with you.

7 tips that can help your business to get the necessary attention of your clients and prospects:

1. Expand Your Email Signature

Use your email signature to promote an offer. Make sure you put it in a way that it will be noticed and use a direct link for a quick access to make it easier for the interested party.

2. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is a vital tool for some good exposure. Build a unique and a professional promotional email stating what your business can offer for your prospects.

3. Choose Social Media Right

Choose the best social media that best fits your business. In order to succeed, your content must be interesting to the public, using good images and videos depending on the type of business you are managing. You can also use a mix of social media platforms. Also getting involved is an en essential key to make the best of it.

4. Piggyback Event Marketing

Stay updated on local events that you could participate in to get more attention. For example you can share a booth at an expo or do a workshop at an event. Make sure you explain how your business can add value to that event.

5. Expand Your Network

Look for events that are relevant to your business and ask them to host you as a guest speaker. Take the opportunity to talk with the audience to promote your business and simply enjoy the experience.

6. Monitor Online Comments

Search online for people who are asking for the product or service that your business is offering and point them towards you.

7. Create Business Cards Wisely

Make sure you always carry with you multiple business cards. You never know when you’ll come across someone that might be looking for what you are trying to sell.

Pick your preferred marketing idea and start from there. Make sure you don’t stop until you get the results that best serve your business.

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