Best Tips for Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy

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When you are a small business owner, you should have many skills to start and grow your company successfully. Being aware of the best basics and strategies of inbound marketing is a very hot knowledge, and you should get it for the new year.

How can we adopt a great marketing strategy? What are the most important things to know?
Katra Marketing has 8 best tips about inbound marketing strategy for company owners:

1. Traditional Marketing Strategies Don't Work. Just Don't.

Almost 91% of Internet users are blocking your email ads, simply marking it as spam. They even have no need to do it anymore - Gmail already knows the mails' types and put your email campaigns to the correct folder.

68% of people using TV recorders, skip TV content advertisements. With all this ongoing colourful stream of attractiveness the average clicking on banner ads is only 0.2%. There's no way back to traditional marketing methods, and you should reshape your way of thinking and managing your business accordingly to it. You cannot get customers' attention only with your internet-presence, nowadays you really need to earn it. Be wiser, interact with them thoughtfully, providing a classy inbound experience.

2. Create a Notable Content

You should know that keep on talking about your brand, or trying to sell it without leaving any space for a discussion, is not the nicest way to grab attention of your customers. It only can lead to distraction and lack of engagement.
The content you write has to teach, entertain or encourage your visitors: there's no other way to be noticeable.

3. Your Website is Your Marketing Center

Most of companies think about their websites as radio channels, to reach as many people as possible. However, what makes your website more functional is having a great content and a user-friendly website structure. It's a constant process, and you should be very careful with it.

4. Your Code + Content

Producing a huge amount of content for an inbound marketing strategy is the biggest mistake of most business owners. The content really plays the main role, but for you it's essential to know how your visitors interact with it, and whether it's triggering, or not. So, you should tune your website with any analytics tool, to have clear numbers and KPIs.

5. Think of Best CTA

Call-To-Action is an important element for your website, because it will guide your visitors where they should go (make a purchase, sign for a newsletter, write a mail), or keep them to stay as long as possible, if it's about carefully linked blog postings. Put your efforts not only for SEO. You have to optimize the website for your customer's action as well.

6. Produce Images

In general, you have around 6 seconds to make your website visitors interested, so to make them go through your content, you should include remarkable visual content. Just resize them accordingly to your needs, and combine with your text information. One good infographics, or a video tutorial can be much more attractive than a thousand words.

7. Proven Results, Better ROI

Inbound marketing is a great way to get profits by investing in your company blog and social media profiles, in comparison to paid channels which is much more expensive and don't deliver the same ROI. It's a matter of a big importance, because if you need a proven brand awareness and your customers' recognition, it can't be a hit-n-run campaign, it requires patience and a well-planned inbound marketing technique.

8. Hire Skilled Ones

You have to think wisely whether you want to hire a full-time marketer, or people from the marketing agency to fulfill these needs of yours. In any case, try to find people who are digitally smart, have analytical skills, know how to deliver results, and have a solid experience of writing a creative content (It's very hard, no doubts, that's why we have to raise and teach our employees ourselves).


Prosperous inbound marketing is a set of skills that requires a specific experience and variety of skills. Even if marketing isn’t your major, it’s good to grasp the basics of it. If you put these advice together, it would be easy for you to you bring the best inbound marketing actions for your business, and be ahead of your competitors, even in such a complicated field.
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