6 Ways to Get Your Best in Content Marketing

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Isn’t it time to develop the value of your marketing content?
Are you keep thinking how to engage customers with your content?

In this post you will get a valuable practice, how to grow and develop your social media marketing. Nowadays, a plenty of marketers are facing real challenges like ROI measurement and attractive content creation. So Katra Marketing specialists can recommend you 6 great practices to control these content challenges:

1. Get a Certified Strategy

4% of the most productive B2B marketers own a content strategy written on paper, and most of them are trying to follow it. Moreover, 60% of marketers with a documented strategy are sure their company is more efficient and productive.

So, having a documented strategy is the most important step for your work stability. In contrast with an abstract verbal strategy that can be used in a wrong way or abandoned, a documented strategy is "alive" and can be used, improved, implemented any time you need it.

The advantages of having a proper documentation is not about following it. Those companies that defined and described their strategy, still met some obstacles:
1. 38% have troubles with ROI measurement (in comparison with 51% without a written strategy).
2. 45% admitted that it's still hard to create engaging content (in comparison to 57% without a written strategy).

There is no perfect model for a content marketing strategy, you can't follow someone's document. For your own strategy writing, you have to explain your company mission and objectives, brand story, targeted audience, content distribution channels, budget and resources, progress of the work and a chosen business model, and after than - be sure that everybody who is included in the content marketing process, has a printed copy of the strategy, knows it and acts accordingly.

2. Produce More, More Content

While having a survey among various companies: "How many times does your company publish new content aligned with your marketing plan?", 42% of them replied "daily or multiple times per week". In Jordan this situation is quite different, because most of the company owners don't think that established internet presence, with documented content strategy, can bring them new customers. However, we would like to read this article through and make your own conclusions, suitable for your local business.

Having a written, planned strategy made the marketers to produce more content. In general, many marketers from different company sizes - whether they were thinking their actions are effective or not - were making 70% of content more than last year. Marketers increased the awareness to the benefits of content marketing, although they are still having troubles with engagement, but they realize the importance of a content creation as a first step to keep in touch with their clients.

3.Determine The Priorities

For B2B marketers creating attractive content is always a sort a headache, but during 2014 all of them defined it as a top of their priorities.

Marketers who own a written strategy are 45% less having troubles with the engagement, in comparison with 57% with only strategy idea, or 70% who doesn't have strategy at all.

Documented content strategy can help you to:

  1. Analyze your target audience.
  2. Make clear what they need.
  3. Knowing why customers should pay attention to your company and which products/services you have to make them interested.
  4. Define which content you have to produce, how and how frequent it can be spread.

It's better to write down these variety of ideas, as mindmaps and draft charts, so that marketers can thoroughly implement it.

4. Have a Budget for Your Social Media

92% of B2B marketers use social media as their main tactic. LinkedIn is the most popular platform worldwide (where 94% of B2B marketing using it), although in Jordan and in the Middle East in general, the most popular social platform is Facebook.

No matter how big your company is, or which field you are in, your blog must always be core of your content marketing achievements. Actually, if you have a trouble of how to write your main business-related topics, you can go through LinkedIn groups, taking participation in groups and discussions, finding out what people find interesting right now.

5. Use Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The best way for paid content promotion and engagement is to use search engine marketing (SEM). 58% of B2B marketers use it and claim it is the most efficient way to promote.

The difference between usage and effectiveness is very interesting, for instance, 49% of B2B marketers still depend on traditional online banner advertising, though they admit it's not very effective. The new content discovery tools, like Buffer, Feedly, or Google Alerts don't seem to be used much among Jordanian marketers yet. The dilemma here that many marketers use many ways that don't make a sense. Again, if we go back to a written strategy, we will notice again it's easier and more effective to follow it. You may use it partially, for example, to embrace only Search Engine Advertising, or easier to say Pay-per click advertising.

6. Hire Someone to Focus at Your Content Marketing

Finally, 69% of B2B marketers agreed that it's is very important to have separated employees with content marketing job responsibilities, but it's not so easy to find content marketing specialists at once.

You can eliminate this problem by making a certain budget for online and offline content marketing events, and make a habit to follow more blogs related to your business. Katra Marketing can write you a detailed content strategy, or we can arrange an editorial calendar training in Amman or Dubai, customized for your industry and your company marketing needs.

A Quick Summary

Content marketing is now a basic business area of expertise followed by 86% of B2B companies worldwide. While marketers get an experience at their content marketing cases, some obstacles still exist: how to make audience interested, how to carefully measure ROI and even lack of professional assurance in various tactics.

However, more marketers realize the value of a written content marketing strategy. Here, in Katra Marketing, we can definitely help you with shaping, writing and following the content marketing strategy that suits the needs of your company in Jordan.

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