6 Questions for Online Marketing Strategy Preparation

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Are you ready to prepare the online marketing strategy for your business? Or do you want to update your recent online marketing plan? Before you should make your mind about it and ask yourself some essential questions.
In this post we offer you a list of 6 online marketing strategy questions that you have to realize before spending any valuable time or budget for your business promotion online.

Why Online Marketing Strategy Is Essential?

We can say that a very few companies really create and follow an online marketing strategy. Some common reasons why usually include the following:

"We can't figure it out."
"We can't have time to create one."
"There's no need in marketing strategy for our company."
"We sort of have one, but never used or followed it."

If you, or your manager, have any of these pretexts, then it is certainly important to discuss how crucial it is already for all of your marketing efforts.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Marketing Strategy:

  1. The absence of orientation will lead to both time and money wasting.
  2. The lack of knowledge on what you really have to aim at, will lead to lose a plenty of opportunities.
  3. Your current competitors who have already following their strategies will get a piece of your market share.
  4. You will not have any idea about your online audience, so that you will not have a good plan how to attract them.
  5. Your way of company management will not be clear enough to work altogether and get perfect results.
  6. Other daily routine will take your energy and time instead of following your primary strategies and business schemes.
  7. You won't figure out exactly what and when you have to optimize, to produce best ROI.

So, probably you find these obstacles very similar with yours, if your company in Jordan still doesn't have any online marketing strategy. But you still have a chance to reconsider everything and begin with the strategy now.

Our digital marketing agency in Jordan is willing to assist you in smart online strategy preparation, or at least give you a piece of advice. Before creating your online marketing campaign, reviewing a marketing plan or having help from Katra Marketing specialist, you MUST know the answers to the questions below.

Question 1: What is The Story of Your Brand?

When we ask our clients about it, in spite of its simplicity, usually it causes a back question: "What do you mean?". If you are not able to explain the roots of your company and your way of forming a brand, your online marketing efforts would not work.

Your online audience needs to understand why they should follow your brand, or interact with it.

When you have a brand story it makes your company and your brand more human so that people can trust it. Think how and when your business began and why now your business is on the way you are going now. Write it carefully, make it sound alive, and then share it with your employees and your targeted audience.

Question 2: Do You Know Your Customers? Where Do They "Live" Online?

This question is also vital and simple, but according to our experience, not all company owners are ready to answer it. It's astonishing, because the lack of this basic information is crucial.

Spending your budget for internet presence and not setting your objectives is a useless deal, that can even give the negative effect to your business online.

Question 3: What Are Your Most Essential KPIs?

The most frequent question here is:"I have no idea". So, before talking about online marketing strategy with a specialist, you should determine your major KPIs (key performance indicators), and then align them with online marketing KPIs so that we all have a set of numbers and other metrics to pursue. Even if you never had an experience to create or follow your company’s KPIs, we can start working with you about marketing strategy for your local market, and then complete it with the strategy for your business online presence.

Defining suitable metrics and criteria is not only a crucial element of your online marketing strategy but a necessary part of your business and your employees should understand well and be aimed to gain the result.

Question 4: What Does Your Content Strategy Include?

You can have doubts and reject the need for a content strategy, but actually the more you refuse from it, the more the possibilities and the market share of your competitors are growing, because they've already thought of it. Online content is not about getting a freelance writer to fill the company website for you once, and then waiting for the result. We can say is a base of your marketing that will manage the efficiency of your marketing strategy in general.

Content explains your business objectives, guides your marketing online, helps your customers to find necessary information related to your products and services, differentiates your from your competitors and make your website more attractive for your audience. A company without a proper planned content strategy is like someone without a voice, there's no attitude in it, it's not alive.

If your internet audience can’t understand you, surely no one will buy from you.

Question 5 : Why & How a Person Engages With Your Content or Describes Your Company?

To create an unique content for your enterprise website is the right action but that not enough, it has to be promoted by you and your targeted audience. This way of writing a business related content and pushing it through the Internet - that's what a content marketing is about. And this is must be a core of your online marketing strategy, no matter if you present it for a local Jordanian market, or worldwide.

While writing a content for your public online, you have to consider why and how someone would share it. In most of the cases, you will have to do more effort than just write a valuable content, and you will have a need to promote it yourself and also ask others to share it.

Question 6: Who Can You Work With?

You may be talking to yourself now: "All of this sounds perfect, but we don’t have enough employees and time to commit to it". This usual reply comes from frustration, and the lack of understanding what has to be included in a prosperous online marketing strategy, or not knowing your resources well enough.

Remember, don’t have to be Apple to start a set of successful digital marketing campaigns profitable for your business.

To properly succeed and have a continuous, beneficial marketing strategy, you need copywriter, designer, web developer, social media involved person and internet data analyst. Most SMBs (Small & Medium sized businesses), and even large enterprises don’t own all these types of specialists to cover it, so you can just have some help of a marketing agency.

If you have a perfect copywriter and have a lack of other professional resources, then you can find a company to work with. If you have a qualified technical team but don't have anyone to write a solid content, then Katra Marketing is at your service again.

Knowing is a Half Battle

With all our experience in the digital marketing, we are sure that these 6 questions can be a proper starting point in creating a difference between random spending of money without any marketing direction, or getting ROI from marketing objectives you've defined and smart campaigns you've planned.

Answering these questions might be tricky for many companies, especially those ones that never had any online marketing experience. However, sometimes your attempt of trying to answer them can lead into something more informative and deep than you have thought.

Your enterprise has to be online, and to have a crisped, meaningful online marketing strategy that was created to deliver impressive results, and we are not talking only about a higher position in Google search. You have to invest time to train your employees, to keep in touch with marketing specialists and business analysts, and grow your team for a desirable efficiency and online presence of your business.

We are willing to help you about it; whether it's about your marketing strategy planning, fulfilling the existing plan with online marketing strategy, or being involved into the process of strategy implementation. If you made your mind to be ahead of your competitors, and establish your own online marketing strategy, then reply the six questions written above and contact us to get something going.

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