5 Important Stages to Content Marketing Greatness

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There are many digital marketing advice and strategies for the web which are easy to follow now. But what about the future of your content?
Companies must sense at which stage they are, and where they could reach with their own content marketing. But just because they are investing in content marketing , doesn't mean they know how to develop  their content marketing maturity.
So, Katra Marketing in Amman, Jordan, offers you to read and bookmark 5 stages of content marketing growth, it will help you as a company manager to understand evolving and changeable nature of content marketing maturity:

1. Starting Stage

During this stage you produce content that tends to be very brand centric. It doesn't focus much on customers' needs, but aims more at search visibility and SEO, to gain your business in Jordan a higher rank and influence independently of social media and promotion products.

2. Production Stage

Here we still should create and publish more content which tend to be very SEO centric, focusing on creating specific keyword content. Also creating  content and promote it through social networks is so effective, people can follow your company pages and share your posts in social networks. The focus on customer is important: write content by knowing your target audience and their needs.

3. The Utility Strategy

In this stage keywords and brand messages are not the focus of content planning. Usually marketers tend to develop their content marketing programs, processes, use tools and skills and invest in content that brings useful experience for the customer.

4. Storytelling Stage

The story of your business is important because by telling stories it will contribute to both intellectual and emotional needs of your customers. Social Networks mean a lot during this period, because you can spread your content faster and with lesser difficulties. Storytelling stage is where your brand can show the experience and to encourage influencers to interact.

5. Monetization Stage

The main function of marketing  activities is to create awareness, educate leads and sales. (And, of course, companies are expecting profit at any stage, the bigger the better.) At this level your marketing information spread is so smart, so helpful and customer-oriented, that it can bring revenue on its own. There are different content marketing programs which can be monetized, it's complicated, yet awesome when you can manage it as a marketer.

It’s also not possible that the whole company's content marketing actions can be put at only one of the stages above. But when you go through at the descriptions of each stage, it’s easy to understand how to shape your content marketing strategy, and bring more sense in it, for your clients and your company.

In which stage of the content marketing process is your business? Do you think you need any marketing help for your local company in Jordan?


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