5+1 Questions for Your Business Branding Core

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When you are meeting new people, and you are interested, you start asking them questions to know them better. It's a normal way to find something in common and become closer.

The same applies to your brand storytelling, because when your main aim is to communicate and connect with your audiences. Your brand story gives a great piece of information to your audience about company history, missions, goals, your company culture and steps of development. You can tell why your products and services are special, and why you would work with your company.

Unfortunately, most companies don't have a brand story, they don't know how to find it, or how they should share it.

There are many ways to an exciting  storytelling of your brand. So, while creating your brand story, make it real - to connect with your audience more deeply and emotionally.

Answer the questions below, and it will help you to find the core of your brand story:

Question 1: How Has It Started?

Know the reasons behind: why you've started your business, explain your goals, ask yourself "What's important to me?" Understand well how your products or services are different from your competitors. Strategies, mission and vision make your brand story truthful and real. You have to identify your company and base you story on a deep understanding why and how you are in business.

Question 2: What is Your Story?

Audience needs to know the history of your products or services as well. What was the process of creation this product? Has anyone else owned your company? Was there any creative or historical event behind your current company? And how could it come to be?

Question 3: Who's Behind Your Brand’s Story?

Any brand story has a key figure that helped your company to become. Ask yourself who has inspired your company. Was your company inspired by a book or historical person? Find the essence of your story, it's a great way to identify all the influencers (whether they are real or fictional ), who made your company ongoing and growing and use them as your cast of characters for products' promotion.

Question 4: What is Your Big Mission?

That's your self-existence definition: why do you do your business? What's your devotion? What problems am I trying to solve? When you answer these questions, you will define what your company mission is. It'll be a solid base for everything you do, and probably the most valuable step you can make for your company.

Question 5: Have You Made Mistakes?

Tell about your mistakes in your brand's story and show your audience how you met and coped with business obstacles. It will bring some human traces to your company's story, making your audience  more engaged  with you personally and your business. Always remember that failure brings success.

Tell Us More: Where are Your White Spaces?

As you are going deeper, gaining your experience and put your personal statements into the way your company develops, you should notice what people usually prefer not to share. You should fill all spaces your professional life has, write about your sabbatical, or maternity leave, or staying unemployed. Sometimes that's where you get an interesting story from.


Dig deeper who you are before start telling about it to someone else. Don't be one of those brands without a unique value proposition, having constant contradictions what to tell, because people feel it well, and they will not be involved into your storytelling by their own wish.

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