5 Free Services for Monitoring Business Mentions

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Checking mentions about a company brand is a must for every business owner who cares about the professional reputation and strives to success.  Mouth-to-mouth replies and mentions are spread in the digital world immediately. And a plenty of these replies have a valuable information for you, because you can check your brand reputation, see the competitors' activity and know their customers' attitude. And if you use a thoughtful approach as an internet-marketer, you can form a positive presence of your brand online.

Keep monitoring the mentions about your company in online blogs, local media, social networks and professional forums. You can do it as you like: to search manually through Google, Bing or Yandex.
You also can refer to digital marketing agency, so the professionals will do it for you and prepare a mentions report for you. And you also can use special services for web monitoring. Katra Marketing team collected a list of the best free monitoring tools, so you can regularly check users' talks about your company.

5 Reasons to Follow Your Company Mentions Online:

1. You will understand what kind of emotion your business and your products bring to the customers, and can affect it;

2. You can deal with wrong statements and rumors quickly, and response to positive mentions on time.

3. You will know where the weak points in your brand positioning are, so you can work on them and get more sales;

4. You will get an opportunity to take your customers' complaints into consideration and fix their troubles faster;

5. You will be able to answer the questions about your brand and your company, if they were asked on certain forums.

All these factors help to form a solid, positive company image for your prospects and clients, to enhance the engagement between your brand and customers. You will be able to react to conflict situations, solve them and avoid negativity.

  Free Tools to Monitor Company Mentions

Fortunately, there are various web monitoring services. In spite of most of them have only paid versions, there are also free ones with wide functionality.

Google Alerts

One of the most powerful tools for searching any mentions of your company, brand, website, etc. Add important keywords you want to monitor, and the system will send you e-mail notifications once a day.


Mention finds the publications in blogs, social networks, news sites and forums, photo & video hosting, etc. Just place one or several keywords you are interested in, add not-words if needed - and the hard work is done! If you are using a free version, you can get up to 1000 mention notifications, it is usually enough for a medium-sized business.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer will find all inbound links to your website, so you can analyze the linking pages. You can also check your Page Authority and Domain Authority.


With this service, you can easily search for hashtags, and keywords on Instagram and Twitter.


Easy web service, has plenty of options that let you monitor certain keywords in social media, blogs, videos and images. All information you can get through RSS.

+ Manual Ways of Monitoring in Facebook & Twitter

The easiest way for a quick check - to place your company name in a search window. You will get the mentions, may be not the fullest data, but it's enough to reply the mentions in timely manner and deal with negative reviews.

Always remember that users post more negative reviews, yet leave positive ones rarely. That's why it's essential for a marketer or a small business owner to use web monitoring tools. Even it takes time and effort to analyze such information, you will know what Internet users think about your company, and how to make your business more successful.

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