5 Cool Benefits of Using Twitter

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Twitter is considered as a fast and interactive social media network where you can stay updated about the news in your industry worldwide. Individuals and companies in Jordan can share their useful information and share the knowledge, along with promoting the products & services to the targeted audience.

Let's follow up and see how you can benefit from Twitter for your company:

1. Quick Promotion

By using local hashtags, you can easily expose your products and services to the local Twitter audience. Even you can't measure the actual conversion, you will still be working for your brand awareness, and it will have a positive impact to your company.

2. Interact With Your Potential Customers

Twitter has a valuable advantage to let you get engaged with your audience as well as your target clients. Just stay online and respond quickly enough. 95% of brands online don't reply as quickly as their customers and prospects expect from them. It brings disappointment and lowers the company status. So, you have to be able to monitor the Twitter timeline, and reply or retweet as fast as possible. It sounds hard, but it will not take more than 10 minutes a day.

3. Research

You can benefit from Twitter by monitoring the questions people ask, that are related to your area of work. You can't gain loyalty and push people to follow you on Twitter, if you don't post the information that attracts them. However, if you interact with your local audience daily, and reply whenever they post a query, or asking for a feedback, it will place you to an expert position in your business area.

4. Brand Awareness

Using Social Media will improve your brand awareness and recognition in highly influential market, by promoting upcoming events or starting a discussion on Twitter. Even if people are not ready to buy from you right know, they will remember your brand by your Twitter activity. Don't be a greedy seller, be an influencer.

5. Feedback

You can also use Twitter for asking quick post-purchase feedback, or while trying to make a decision about new website look, or creating a new packaging for your products. People love to be involved in the decisions, especially if they are interested in your brand. As a result, the customer loyalty and trust to your company is rising, and you can collect the valuable information from your customers and influential people in no time.

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