26 Really Shocking Digital Marketing Facts

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Would you like to get the proven data about customer behaviour that you can use for your business? Katra Marketing prepared them for you.

1. There's a statement that not to reply to comments in social media, or make a dialogue with your fans is a serious mistake. However, while going through the most famous social accounts, one might get a conclusion that "stars" rarely interact with someone they don't know. So, the "dialogue support" as a key component, stays a myth.

2. While studying emotional character and the sense of the overall content, it was found out that the positive tone is better than the negative one. Nobody wants to feel anger and sadness.

3. Cheat your competitors. Most of you have an editorial calendar for posting in social media networks. Marketers are trying to choose the time when the activity is the highest. As for your opinion, when is it easier to reach your targeted audience - at the moment while everybody is publishing their content, or when the timeline has almost stopped updating? The understanding and taking control of this metric may bring you a positive insight.

4. Call-To-Actions work, especially if we are taking about Twitter, Facebook and specialized blogs.

5. The longer the presentation is, the more views it has.

6. Here are the places where the clients are looking for information (from the most to the least important): Social networks -> Google search -> Blogs.

7. How often the client make the decision to buy, according to the searches in the Internet? More than 50% answered "more than 1 time a month".

8. About 80% of the users that are willing to make a purchase, relying on the information they got from the organic search. The conclusion is simple: use blogging and social networks for enhancing your SEO strategy.

9. The researches proved that with more reposts a link placed on Facebook gets, the amount of outbound links is also rising. Use it as an advantage for your SEO strategy.

10. Have you ever heard of the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient? It is a measure of the strength of the linear relationship between two variables. In our case it's interesting from the marketing point of view, taking the correlation between the amount of reposts and the backlinks to your website. The highest rate was in LinkedIn, then Twitter, then Facebook. It proves that LinkedIn is a huge field for marketing experiments.

11. More than 50% of interviewers disagreed with the statement that "the top ranked websites with paid advertising get more trust".

12. At the same time, most of the Internet users trust organic searches. That's why as a marketer, you should invest more time into well-written, quality content as a base for products and services promotion.

13. "Gathering" - the so called process of collecting the necessary information in the Internet. If the search query is not satisfying for the user, he makes it again, with another key phrases. The conclusion here is easy: make the description and the headlines attractive for your audience.

14. Checking on several thousands webpages shown that the longer the headline, the less shares it gets.

15. Are you promoting on Twitter? Here's some information for you. Twitter accounts were divided into two groups: less than a thousand followers, and the accounts with around 1 mln Twitter followers. The research results proved that the users with the bigger amount of fans don't reply much to other people's comments. Therefore, the information about "having a dialogue" with your followers is not proven with facts.

16. The social media account owners with a lot of fans publish more content. So, the attract the readers with a relevant content, not with talks.

17. The researches shown that those account owners who tweet about 22 times a day, get the most followers.

18. And here's one more interesting fact. The more you talk about youself (if you are not a superstar, of course), the less followers you will attract.

19. The perfect amount of links published in the timeline - 60-80%, so you will be able to get more retweets and shares. If the overall amount of links reaches 90%, it starts to look like a spam account.

20. The posts that are published from 3 to 5pm, get the maximum retweets, and the peak audience reaching is Friday.

21. Everybody wants to be "an insider", and spread fresh information that nobody knows about yet.

22. The clients are eager to repost the interesting link, rather than the text only.

23. 14% of people doing retweets while not being aware of the link you've posted.

24. The headline of your content is the main component of success in social media.

25. Long tweets are getting more clicks than the short ones.

26. The perfect link mentioning in a tweet is: "Your headline": link to your source, shared link headline.

If you are related to digital marketing, and you reached the end of this article, you would probably disagree with the plenty of statements you've read. Probably you have already planned to write a furious comment!

Well, everything we have described here is the information based on deep and detailed researches of the internet users. These facts were taken from the book of Dan Zarrella, the award social media scientist, - "The Science of Marketing: When to Tweet, What to Post, How to Blog, and Other Proven Strategies". And if you are really want to go with the modern stats about social media and digital marketing, we highly recommend you to read this book. There are tons of graphics and useful numbers about Facebook advertising and retweets triggering, that can be useful for your business promotion in the social media networks.

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