Giving information is critical in any company, especially if you are giving it to a consumer. Infographic is a form of typography used to deliver information to the consumer in a very pleasant and easy to understand manner, increasing their attention to 70%.

Infographic Types

Based on the corporate identity, Katra Marketing creates concepts for infographic presentation of information, including the creation of the necessary icons and drawing up a diagram of their interaction. The infographic system can be used on the website, in catalogs and presentations, in annual reports.

If the brand is online, we will create animated infographics. And if we are talking about space, we will make it as simple, noticeable and readable as possible. It is one of the key visual content trends in 2021.

Design Price & Stages

The pricing on the infographic design depends on time, the amount of typography included in the design, the elements or font used. After having an initial meeting and discussing a brief, we will send you a price quote. We will