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seo.jpgCheck and pick the best SEO Package in Jordan that fits your local business needs.



Our SEO offers are effective for your business, universal and adaptable. Your commitment is only from month to month as described in the agreement with no long term obligations or puzzled terms and conditions.

You can continue with our specialists on monthly payment basis, or just follow the advised search engine optimization Plan of Actions yourself.

SEO Packages ComparisonSEOKatra10SEOKatra20SEOKatra30SEOKatra40SEOKatra50
Keyword Phrase Selection
The research of core keyword phrases to be focused at (based on target audience, geographical market and competitors online performance) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Website Architecture
Create / Revise robots.txt file Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create / Revise sitemap.xml file Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create / Revise geositemap.xml file Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Verification in Google Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Verification in Bing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tuning of Google Analytics reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
On-site Techniques
Defining and Search Engine optimizing of relevant webpages as well as assistance with the new SEO-friendly landing pages Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SEO modifying of webpages to reach on-page keyword balance and your promo message Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Writing title, description and other meta tags each website page Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Identification and proper usage of internal linkbuilding to provide value of company website Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Off-site Techniques
Amount of hours for Custom Link Development that contains analysis, planning and suitable set of actions by your Business Analyst, aiming on quality, effectiveness and relevant content 4 8 12 16 20
Google Places Optimisation
Create, claim or update your Google Places page Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Revise and upload necessary information as required to get 100% completion Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Configuration
Your Business Analyst will collaborate with you to ensure that your Social Media accounts are correctly arranged for the best SEO value. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SEO Plan, Planning & Strategies
Writing the future Plan of Actions, the priority of our SEO tasks is refined every month based on the improving visibility of your website for the Search Engines Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
After-Project Report, including analysis and ranking improvement Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


seo-choose.jpgWhich SEO Offer To Choose?

All the packages are equal, except the amount of hours Katra Marketing specialists would work for your company SEO-promotion. However, if you are not sure which offer you need, here are our recommendations:

1 SEOKatra10

Great for personal websites, start-ups, or as a "give it a try" of the quality of our service before making decision about a bigger SEO Package, our SEOKatra10 Plan will be a nice start to your company Organic Search visibility.

2 SEOKatra20

Giving 20 man-hours of SEO expertise to your business, our SEOKatra20 Package is a perfect entry point for segment-specific websites that consists of up to 15 web pages.

3 SEOKatra30

Providing 30 hours of SEO consultation and planned work, our SEOKatra30 Package fits well for enterprise websites targeting marketing segments with a wider range of keyword phrases.

4 SEOKatra40

Our SEOKatra40 Package focuses on a range of core keyword phrases and defines a powerful set of actions that will deliver tangible results in highly competitive markets.

5 SEOKatra50

It is only one step away from our SEO personal consultancy, and your SEOKatra50 Package is the best choice for highly competitive markets and ecommerce websites.

You can check a full list of our Internet marketing services or contact Katra Marketing to help your business in Jordan to be found by the customers. We will be glad to assist you.


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