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11:31 am on March 16th, 2016

Why your business in Jordan needs SEO

SEO in Amman for business

A lot of companies in Jordan think their clients are not in the internet, therefore they don't need to invest their money in Search Engine Optimization. Sometimes it causes a surprising question: "We have a website, and it works, why should we spend money on your mystical SEO?"

The truth is, even a web developer made a website for you, and made it visible online, it's still DEAD. Dead. You see a nice web design, you know how to edit the content, but Google still doesn't know your website, and it can't be ranked, so your prospects, even they desperately need your products/services, are not able to find you.

The truth is, even a web developer made a website for you, and made it visible online, it's still DEAD.

Sure, people who got your business card, or typed the name of your company in the Google search, can get your company site. But it's not how it should be. Your prospects should find you by the relevant keywords. For example, our internet marketing agency can be found by the search keywords "marketing in Jordan", or "internet marketing Amman". That's the beauty of SEO services, and even it takes time and needs care, it's definitely worth doing it.

If you are not doing SEO - your competitors will do it.

It depends on your business goal as an owner, to decide if you should prepare an attractive company website, investing in Search Engine Optimization. Well, if your goal is not about attracting potential customers and increase sales, then you can stop reading this article, why bother. Because that's what a real SEO service means.

What is SEO?

To explain it in a few words, SEO is a set of techniques, that will enhance your website visibility in the Internet, to place your site ahead of your competitors on the Search Engines Result Pages.

But it's only a tip of the iceberg what a great SEO can do for you. Your business website needs to be noticeable, to persuade users click on your link rather than your competitors', to interest them with your content and offers, and to convert them to your customers.

Why should I pay for SEO, if my website looks good?

A company website, with a modern, responsive design and amazing images (that you probably made for a great deal of money, with a web design company, or a freelancer), will not bring you any income without Search Engine Optimization. You should think of your business website as a marketing tool, that makes visitors to take a decision, and that you can use to promote your business, constantly, 24/7.

Where can I find a good SEO company in Amman?

It's important to get the right company to deal with your SEO needs, with internet marketing specialists, who have years of good SEO. They should be able to show the examples of their previous work, provide you with a scope of work they intend to do for your company website, and make you updated about the SEO results with a written report. Always make an agreement where the dates and the scope of work is mentioned, no matter if you outsource SEO services in Jordan, or abroad.

Katra Marketing SEO specialists in Amman are always ready to answer your additional questions about Search Engine Optimization and our concept of work. If you think about the future of your business seriously, send us an email about your company and your current needs, and we will schedule a direct meeting in Amman. If your head office is not in Jordan - no problem, it's possible to arrange a Skype meeting with our marketer and talk SEO details online.

How much will SEO cost us?

The price of SEO can vary: it depends on your needs, website complexity and the SEO company you hire.

Please be careful if the SEO agency gives you the price by phone or e-mail, without knowing the specificity of your local business and without checking your actual website.

At Katra Marketing, we may only assure you - our SEO services cost cheaper than hiring an in-house internet marketer, and it's much effective. And from the prices of our competitors in Jordan, we may conclude that our scope of work regarding Search Engine Optimization is more intensive and efficient. We also offer monthly SEO packages to our customers in Jordan, with a list of activities planned for each month, and the After-service report in the end of each month. With Katra Marketing you can pay for one month SEO, check the way we work, and then decide, if you want to continue working with us, or not.


Our SEO service can help you:

  • Get ranked in the top of the search engines result pages (SERPs);
  • Attract visitors to choose your link instead of your competitors' sites;
  • Get targeted audience, not just random visitors;
  • Increase sales: convert your visitors into real customers;
  • Get more awareness about what your company is doing.