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6:45 pm on November 12th, 2014

What Are The Different Kinds of a Marketing Strategy?


If we are talking about Middle East, smart and savvy business owners started to realise how valuable it is to write (and enhance) a suitable marketing strategy.

A plenty of people have been dreaming to grow their business by the seat of their pants when it refers to marketing and advertising, and that's the reason why almost 80% of new companies are closing in the period of 5 years or earlier.

Only trying random marketing and advertising approaches and campaigns and hoping for a sudden luck can't and should not be core of your business strategy running forward – you must be much more wittier about how to get the most out of your company, your marketing, and your advertising.

So, that's the place where your key marketing strategy comes to the stage This is a special weapon that will provide you with a glorious advantage whenever you are in need to enlarge your business, know your company pros and cons, collect information what your competitors are doing and place yourself ahead them.


Why you desperately need an elaborated marketing strategy

Without a real target, a carefully written plan of action for your company, you will never – EVER – surely be capable to gain the most out of your business, your marketing, or your advertising.

Without a clear marketing strategy that is running ahead of time, you will fail again and again, even it's not so obvious from the first sight and your income level. If we are talking about your marketing and advertising, you will continue to waste time, money, and necessary resources in vain.

As a second point, when you can certainly clarify how your marketing and advertising needs to be spread out through a 1-5 years' period of time, you will be ready to define how each and every marketing campaign completes one another, how separated tactics sing in a common choir for the success of your business.

This provides you with the power to refine your campaigns and tactics promptly when it is about having advantage of diverse marketing and advertising opportunities, staying in harmony with your marketing budget. 

The explanation about marketing strategy and marketing tactics

You should be careful that you are certainly creating a marketing strategy, because it's really easy to become overwhelmed with the stream of internet advice, checklists and infographics and end up creating a bunch of miscellaneous marketing techniques, tactics and approaches.

There's a huge difference between a marketing strategy and marketing tactics that you should keep in mind if you want your company plan to succeed. Strategy is the position "from the hill above", and you can watch clearly how all the troops of your army are fighting, adding the value and efforts to achieve the common aim.

Tactics are the "parts of your troop", to say it clearly, these are special marketing and advertising campaigns that you keeping doing and refining on a regular basis; you can place and change the order of these small parts to take the best of it for your business online.

The explanation and importance that you have to focus on marketing strategy is that you will be able to organize campaigns that will imply one another, enhancing the leverage and getting more and more visible result at the same time period, and the same effort.


Common online and offline marketing strategies

When we are talking about online and offline marketing strategies, you have three great ones to use:

  • Looking for new prospects
  • Returning your old customers
  • Having more profit from new and old customers

These three proven strategies let almost any company to seriously increase their profitability without unbelievably hard effort. Moreover, they should be a base of your business that you refine and customize on an annual basis to squeeze the most out of your efforts.


Modern SMM and Updated Online Marketing Strategies and Tactics

At the same time, there are a number of new and unique social media marketing and other online marketing strategies and actions that can also lead you to stunning results – and a lot of them don’t aim on having profits right at the same moment.

To say it clearer, the most curious online and SMM strategies these days is about having close relationships with the clients in your targeted place instead of asking them to buy products or services (at least not so straight).

Vice versa, you’re reaching to deserve a status of a professional in your field so that persuasion and your opinion matters among your prospects and customers. It's not an easy path, but in the long-term period it will bring you absolutely jaw-dropping results.



When it is about building your business these days, you cannot let yourself to take unproven chances or risks. Have a look and be sure you are aware of absolutely everything you are able to, just to write and follow successful marketing strategies; that you are aggressive in implementing your various marketing tactics and approaches, and that you are optimizing your effort, gaining every last drop of profit out of it.