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9:54 am on August 21st, 2015

Free SEO Audit - FAQ

free seo faq

By launching a free SEO checkup of any website in Jordan and abroad, we have started to get additional questions about this offer. Please, if you're interested, and your question is not mentioned below, ask it in the comments area, or at our Facebook page. Help others to be aware and get it. :)

1. Is it really free?

Yes, this website review is FREE, you will get 10 pages report in PDF format, checked by one of our marketers. You just need to feel the form. Sometimes the marketer has more questions about the website, so he/she might give you a call. Keep in mind it's not an automated process, to it might take a couple of days to prepare your website report.

2. Are you in Amman?

Yes, Katra Marketing is in Amman, we also have additional people in our team, working on part-time basis. Here're our working principles, you can get there more information about the owner and our company views.

3. What else do you do?

Full care of small and medium businesses regarding marketing strategies and their implementation - SEO, social media campaigns, building brand awareness, paid searches. Check the full range of marketing services at Katra Marketing,

4. I am from Germany/ Iraq/ USA. Can I test my website?

Mainly we offer internet marketing services in the Middle East area, because we are focused at Arabic content and local SEO experience. However, you can fill the form and we can provide you with a report, contacting you first.

5. How can I contact Katra Marketing?

To reach us quickly, you can write an email to our main address, describing your requirements, asking a question, or requesting for a meeting.