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9:45 pm on December 9th, 2014

How to Create Your Company’s Profile on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a great social network for business specialists, and is a great social marketing resource  to show your company to your target audience. Creating your company profile is not complicated. After having your personal profile, do the following:

1.     Sign in and go to Home page.

2.     Choose the Company Page in the menu at the right top corner of the page (or click this link directly) https://www.linkedin.com/company/add/show?trk=biz-module-create-company

3.     Write your company name and your working e-mail, verify that you’re authorized to make the page, and after that press "Continue".

If you are puzzled somehow, you can go to LinkedIn’s help page.

4.     Fill your company information and after that press the Publish button (in the upper right corner).

You can have up to 3 company links on your profile;  these links will share the “link juice” with your website. Put one link to your website, another one to your corporate blog, and connect the third link with any other social media profile for your business.

Look at various profiles of another companies in your industry field, so that you'll get an idea what to write in your business profile.

You can modify your company profile any time. View your profile on the Companies tab. Click the Interests link on the small horizontal menu and then choose Companies. There will be a list of all companies you follow, and pages you manage will be shown in the right corner. The company page will have various  options:

  • A customized link for your website: Follow your company on LinkedIn.
  • The Analytics tab, where you can check the amount of page views,  impressions, and unique visitors for your company profile.
  • "Share an Update" text field: it allows you to place a message up to 700 characters for showing in the timeline to your contacts and followers. You can use a link shortener like bit.ly to save the space and to put a link in your update post. You can check for updates from your network, and your followers can read yours, it'd be placed just below the company description box.

Try to update information 2-3 times a week, writing about new products, offers, achievements, or discounts.

As you put more information to your company profile, you will be able to see a percentage of completion on the right column of your profile. Fill your profile thoroughly, and it will become a stunningly effective marketing tool.


P.S. And it's nice to remind you that Katra Marketing also has profile in LinkedIn, and you can follow us there.