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  • about2.jpgOur Vision

    Our vision is to assist in the development of small and medium-sized businesses through the use of all the possibilities of the Internet space. We want our company to be trustable and respectful for the society.


    about3.jpgOur Mission

    Katra Marketing is an internet-marketing agency, providing services of SEO sites, PPC advertising and other forms of effective online promotion.

    Our mission is to build a professional reputation in our field of competency among local companies and throughout  the Middle East.  We are confident that we will achieve the goals of the company, thanks to the knowledge of our customers' needs, highly qualified specialists, constant usage of the new technologies, systematic and thoughtful approach of the company's development.


    about4.jpgOur Specialists

    Our employees - ambitious, responsible, honest, open, company professionals. Many of us are workaholics. We are all equal, but we have a competitive element in our work that leads us to get better and more professional.

    Our working style can be described as  profitable working process. One of the main values ​​of the company - people who work in it, so the company is trying to arrange the employees' work at the most comfortable and productive level. One of the important features is company gamification workflow that makes it more structured and defined. All our tasks included into an automated workflow, and it allows us to fully concentrate on the serious and important things that we do to achieve the result.


    about1.jpgAbout Owner

    Anastasia Ivanovskaya is the woman behind Katra Marketing. She is a result-oriented marketing specialist backed by 7 years of experience in lead generation, sales and living on the net. She is dedicated to keeping ahead of trends and simply doing what works.  She definitely has a passion for internet marketing.

    She is perfectly organized, effective and makes sure the company is on the right track. Also she has style, great writing skills and loves working with new clients. She is an attentive worker when it comes to analysis and planning.

    DSC00175.jpg"I know the way people look for your business, products and services - and place you where they look and where they are. As an owner of Katra Marketing, my biggest joy is to work about different projects during the year. So, I've decided to turn to consultancy and analytic field of internet-marketing, to know the local market better and to work with companies in Jordan and UAE who really need to define their internet presence."

    about5.jpgCorporate Culture

    Form of management in Katra Marketing - restricted liberalism in all aspects of regulated work and corporate noocracy for all unofficial cases.

    Corporate noocracy is a type of management that is based on the priority of the human mind and following the principles of rational thinking. Restricted liberalism implies a fairly wide freedom in business and daily routine decisions , but at the same time doesn't conflict with established company rules, limitations and basic human morals.

    In our company we have a non-standard horizontal hierarchy and lack of formalities.